Producer Terrorgav Talks His Recent Project and How Sound-Engineering Helps Him Make Hot Beats

“I wanna be in this business 20 years.”

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This week on our podcast Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd sits down with engineer-turned-producer Gavin (aka terrorgav on IG). Gavin’s previous work as an engineer and manager gives him incredible insight into how to build a career in music. Boyd and Gavin discuss everything from navigating the industry without a manager to Gavin’s lofty—and with him at the helm, achievable—goals for the years to come. 

“What’s next? I’m going to run up my numbers, I’m going to run up my brand, and I’m gonna start a label. I’m gonna use all of my money from getting placements, any type of money I get, and I’m gonna start a label. And I’m gonna start signing artists and producers. And it’s gonna be great. Ten years from now, it’s gonna be great.”

- Terrorgav

If you loved this episode and want to listen to Boyd chop it up with other managers/producers/rappers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he sat down with rapper SauxePaxk TB and DJ E.Sudd.

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