A Listening Guide to the Jackson 5 Albums in Order

A dive into the history of all of the Jackson 5 and Jacksons albums

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Let's take it all the way back to Gary, Indiana when five incredibly talented youngsters were blazing their way through the Chitlin' Circuit, the Apollo (arguably the most iconic venue in NYC), and various other legendary circuits and venues in the US catching the eye of many acts along the way. Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Michael were their names (with brother Randy coming on board some years later), and upon getting on the radar of Motown founder Berry Gordy towards the end of 1960s, released their first official single "I Want You Back," and set the world on fire to become one of the greatest and most successful groups of all time. J5's discography is forever timeless and one that consistently deserves to be revisited, so we've put together our official listeners guide to all of The Jackson 5 albums in chronological order.

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Let's take a minute to talk numbers for a second, and yes we're going to breakout the bulleted list for this one:

  • The Jackson 5 were the first group to debut with four consecutive number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Those number ones were: "I Want You Back," "ABC," "The Love You Save," and "I'll Be There"
  • The group has sold over 100 million records to date
  • The Jackson's received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1980
  • The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997

There's also the fact The Jackson 5 effectively caused what was known as "J5 Mania" in the early 1970s, which hadn't been seen since "Beatles Mania." We'll do a deep dive into just how crazy J5 mania was on another day, but in the meantime let's get back to their discography.

Now when it comes to The Jackson 5's albums, it's important to note that they've professionally been known as The Jacksons since 1975 when they left Motown Records for Epic Records. This means the group's discography is basically divided into two. Here's a breakdown:

The Jackson 5 Studio Albums:

  • Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 (1969)
  • ABC (1970)
  • Third Album (1970)
  • Jackson 5 Christmas Album (1970)
  • Maybe Tomorrow (1971)
  • Lookin' Through the Windows (1972)
  • Skywriter (1973)
  • G.I.T.: Get It Together (1973)
  • Dancing Machine (1974)
  • Moving Violation (1975)

The Jackson 5 Live Albums

  • In Japan! (1973)
  • Live at the Forum (2010)

The Jackson 5 Compilation Albums

  • Greatest Hits (1971)
  • Anthology (1976, 1986)
  • Joyful Jukebox Music (1976)
  • Boogie (1979)
  • Soulsation! (1995)
  • Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection (1995)
  • 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Jackson 5 (1999)
  • Gold (2005)

The Jacksons Studio Albums

  • The Jacksons (1976)
  • Goin' Places (1977)
  • Destiny (1978)
  • Triumph (1980)
  • Victory (1984)
  • 2300 Jackson Street (1989)

The Jacksons Live Albums

  • The Jacksons! Live (1981)

The Jacksons Compilation Albums

  • The Essential Jacksons (2004)
  • The Very Best of The Jacksons (2004)

Today, we're specifically looking at the group's studio albums. Let's get into it.

1. Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 (1969)

2. ABC (1970)

3. Third Album (1970)

4. Jackson 5 Christmas Album (1970)

5. Maybe Tomorrow (1971)

6. Lookin' Through the Windows (1972)

7. Skywriter (1973)

8. G.I.T: Get It Together (1973)

9. Dancing Machine (1974)

10. Moving Violation (1975)

11. The Jacksons (1976)

12. Goin' Places (1977)

13. Destiny (1978)

14. Triumph (1980)

15. Victory (1984)

16. 2300 Jackson Street (1989)

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