Who is FLO? Everything to Know About the British R&B Girl Group Making A Splash

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FLO is a breath of fresh air. It’s rare in the year 2023 to see a musical artist/group doing things the “old school way,” and yet that is exactly what the British group from London is doing. Make no mistake, FLO has experienced quite a bit of social media success so far in their careers, but in terms of their general approach when it comes to music, delivery, and touring, FLO is putting in that old school work. So exactly who is this group that just sold out their first North American tour, and why do you need to be listening to every single song/album they put out? We’re gonna get into all of that today, along with a few songs that you should add to your playlist immediately. Check it out below.

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What Are Some Other Songs I Should Check Out?

You can check out some of FLO’s other songs by simply listening to their EP The Lead which contains “Cardboard Box,” and two other tracks “Immature” and “Summertime.” Their second single “Immature” is a smooth summertime R&B group that is full of beautiful harmonies, and “Summertime" is a must listen as well. You should also definitely check out "Losing You," which is one of their newer tracks. The Lead received positive reviews and scores which is super exciting because that leads us to our next topic.

2023 is going to be a big year for FLO, make sure you keep up with all of their latest updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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