Who is Yung Fazo, the 16-Year Old Artist Hailing From New York?

Michael Caloca/Instagram/ONE37pm

With the power of social media platforms and distribution services at your fingertips, it's more common now more than ever for a young artist to become the next emerging artist to watch. And that's the case with 16-year-old Yung Fazo. 

Yung Fazo, a New York-based artist, is looking to pioneer the next generation of artists with his unique voice and choice of production on his tracks. In 2019, Fazo and SoFaygo released their collaboration "Adding." Following that release, they collaborated once again, releasing "Get Back!" Now, in 2021, these songs are receiving a lot of buzz. Fazo and SoFaygo re-released "Adding" on Spotify. Since its release, it has received over six million streams on Spotify alone. Tune in below! 

Following those releases, Fazo continued to release consistently for nearly two years and is starting to reap the benefits of his hard work today. In 2020, Fazo joined forces with Raeusi to drop "Wesson," a track that features an uncanny violin. Since the release of the track, Raeusi and Fazo have seen tremendous growth with the release of "Wesson." The track is currently knocking on the door of nine million streams, and it's only a matter of time before it hits ten million. 

Additionally, in 2020, Fazo released a collaborative project with Xhulooo with the release of Boys on Mars. Songs that stick out initially are "Boss Up," "Devils Wears Prada," and "Keep Ya Cool." These songs stick out for how Fazo and Xhulooo craft around the productions and play off each other. On the track "Keep Ya Cool," Fazo has a confident and smooth delivery, complemented by Xhulooo's exuberant voice. 

In 2021, Fazo released #fvralone, a six-track project which contains features from BabySantana, KA$HDAMI, and Xhluooo. On the piece "Rio," a smooth vocal sample from Keith Sweat's 1996 hit "Twisted" is featured on the track as the main melody. BabySantana and Fazo then kick off the first verse by going line for line. The song contains a legato melody thanks to both BabySantana and Fazo. The project's standout song "Laugh2thebank" features a synth-heavy production with Fazo rapping about getting money and his recent success. In the music, Fazo raps, "You know I'm getting this money so every time I go I laugh to the bank (Haha) If that boy talking right up on the gang then we might just go bring out a tank." Be sure to tune in below!

It is evident going through Fazo's discography that he is evolving and improving with the release of every song. Additionally, with Fazo's young age and the experience he already has, he is poised to make a big splash soon. So be sure to stay up to date with Fazo, as he will be a force to be reckoned with. 

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