1/1 Artist Spotlight: Yot


ONE37pm's 1/1 Artist Spotlight is a series that focuses on giving love to 1 of 1 NFT Artists. Whether they're from the traditional art world or just got started in art through web3, we want to highlight and help you get to know those who are up and coming.

A 1/1 NFT is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectible where no other exists other than the piece itself. We hope to introduce you to talented and incredible people in the NFT space and the reasons they love doing what they do.

Thiago Souza (Yot) is an 18-year-old Brazilian artist who focuses on touching people with his pieces, living off his own art and ideas, he started at 14 years old to study design and work with commissions. 

At 17, he was introduced to and fell in love with cryptoart. His pieces are inspired by moments in his life, ideas of things in the world, and things from his perspective. He is an experimental artist and his works can differ greatly from each piece, some taking over 2 months to make.

His work is currently available on Foundation and Objkt.

ONE37pm: How has your artist journey changed since joining NFTs? How did you start?

Yot: Joining NFTs was one of the best things that happened in my entire life. I was just a 17-year-old designer who worked with commissions and was paid $50 a month, I had no dreams and no goals, one day I decided to make a poster about a movie I really like called ''Ex_Machina'' and I posted it on twitter and a Brazilian artist Etiene Crauss called me on dm showing me what the NFT world is like and how you can sell your own works, not work for others like commissions, when I watched everyone doing their own art I fell in love with all that, it was something beautiful to my eyes.

ONE37pm: Do you prefer physical or digital?

Yot: I prefer digital, I haven't had the opportunity to make a physical piece yet but I want to try new things in this style.

ONE37pm: How would you describe your art style?

Yot:  Something that is being improved with each work, a style worked on top of composition and colors, after working with so many artistic styles I improved to the current one, a style that allows me to touch people with body language and details.

ONE37pm: Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations?

Yot: My biggest inspirations as a career are 2 Brazilian artist friends, Etiene Crauss and Omentejovem. I have several inspirations in art but my favorites are Frida Kahlo and Salman Toor.

ONE37pm: What is your favorite piece?

Yot: 'Memories.'

ONE37pm: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Yot: Touching people more and more with my art, being able to make my dreams come true, having my art exhibited in different places around the world, many things to conquer, this is just the beginning.

ONE37pm: When do you feel most inspired to create?

Yot: When I'm having good times or bad times, where can I put my feelings, these days I'm inspired to just vent in art form, monotonous days I don't feel true with my feelings so that's why it takes a long time to finish pieces.

ONE37pm: Who are 3 artists you have your eyes on at the moment?

Yot: Aleqth, Skillux and Salvador.

ONE37pm: What advice would you give to an artist starting in the space right now?

Yot: Nothing will come without the effort, work hard, don't focus on sales, focus on improving your art.

ONE37pm: Would you rather be relatable or aspirational to your audience?

Yot: Relatable 100%.

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