Campus Legends Partner With the University of Florida for NFT Collection

Paul "Bear" Bryant was one of the greatest coaches ever to walk the sidelines in college football history. When he and his wife moved to Tuscaloosa (home of the Alabama Crimson Tide), a local preacher was visiting. She remarked to him that they seem to take football seriously down here; it's almost like a religion. The preacher allegedly responded matter of factly, "Oh no, it's bigger than that."

College Football is a way of life for millions of Americans. Their entire year dedicated to how will my team look this fall? 

And like it or not, one team is a good chunk of modern football's foundation.

The University of Florida is a cornerstone of College Football. From the invention of Gatorade to Spurrier's Fun and Gun offense. And in recent memory, Tim Tebow was the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman Trophy. They have always been innovators changing what afternoons in the fall look like both on and off the field. So it is only natural that they would be one of the first universities to adopt NFTs.

Speaking of Gainesville's favorite son, Tim Tebow is chomping at the bit for Campus Legends.

Here is his video talking about Campus Legends first NFT drop.

What is Campus Legends?

Campus Legends is a socially driven community that blended two of my favorite things, college football, and NFTs. 

Their first collegiate partnership is with my alma mater, the University Of Florida. Which was announced just last week. The CEO Greg Simon put it best;

"Campus Legends will offer a truly groundbreaking and unique experience for the collector, the athlete, the school, and the college sports fan. We are thrilled that our very first partner is such an iconic brand in the University of Florida. Through this partnership, we will be able to bring the technology of blockchain and digital collectibles to connect Florida's current and alumni athletes to fans and collectors all around the world. "

They are positioning themselves similar to what DraftKings is doing with their drops for big-name pros like Tom Brady and Tony Hawk. What separates them is they are trying to add a social network experience. So you'll be able to participate in polls, talk to fans, trade and sell items and create that social connection about a shared passion. 

Right now the current drops are time-sensitive meant to be commemorative with gamedays. For example, just for signing up, I was able to get this gorgeous one for the game that just happened this past Saturday. Users will be able to collect NFTs only if they are users the day of and claim the drop. Fans will be able to have NFTs that act as a flex as they start to collect them in the secondary markets.

Current players can benefit from this platform and the new wave of tech thanks to the new NIL laws.


NIL stands for name, image, likeness. For years players have been barred from being paid or earning anything that was tied to their name, image, or likeness.

One former player was famously "kicked" from playing because he had a youtube channel.

He had to choose between earning on Youtube and playing for UCF. Campus Legends has a mission to help players past and present who missed out due to NCAA regulations. 

 Players past and present can now get a share of the revenue from secondary transactions from people on the app. Placing UF at the cutting edge of where technology and culture meet—giving the University a first movers advantage during this new transition period for college football.

This could very well create a domino effect where players can show off their highlights as an NFT.  NBA Top Shot has already shown us there is a market for player highlights packaged together and tradeable.

If you were to combine that with some of the crazy moments from college sports like the “heave to cleve”.

To quote the voice of the gators Mick Hubert. "OH MY"

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