Coach Releases First NFT Collection

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Fashion and gaming are two of the worlds that have been most interrupted by burgeoning NFT technology in this past year. So when a legacy fashion brand gets into NFTs, making reference to a corresponding digital game, you know they did their research.

Coach, which has remained one of the most iconic luxury design houses in the game since its inception in 1941, is debuting its own collection of NFTs today. The collection, which marks the brand's 80th anniversary, is inspired by Coach's motto for this holiday season: "Give A Little Love." The designer will be giving away 80 one of a kind pieces of digital art featuring characters from their recently launched Snow City digital game. If you're interested in earning an NFT, give the game a play ahead of the launch today to familiarize yourself with the characters.

The NFTs

10 unique NFTs of each of the eight characters will be given away over eight days. There will be one animal per day from today, December 17th through Christmas Eve on the 24th. The eight characters featured are Coach's mascot Rexy, Fuzz the polar bear, Belle the penguin, Holly the deer, Ginger the fox, Paddles the goose, Luna the owl, and Spike the hedgehog.

Check out an example of the artwork for each below:

rexy 00007
spike the hedgehog 2 00007
paddles the goose 1 00007
luna the owl 2 00007
holly the deer 1 00007
ginger the fox 00007
fuzz the polar bear 00007
belle the penguin 1 00007

Additionally, each Coach NFT grants the holder the right to receive one complimentary Made-to-Order Rogue bag in 2022.

How to get one:

In reference to the brand's driving ethos of "Give A Little Love," none of the NFTs require a purchase. Each day at 12pm EST, you can find out how to get the animal of the day by going to the brand's Twitter account. Rather than relying on a bidding system which could price out loyal followers of the brand, Coach will be distributing the NFTs entirely for free; keep your eyes on the brand's Twitter for updates on how to get each token of the day. Happy hunting.

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