Budweiser Launches First NFT Collection: The Budverse Cans Heritage Edition

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As the proliferation of the metaverse approaches, NFTs and other web3 technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of building out brands' identities for the future. The King of Beers, Budweiser, is hopping aboard the train with a collection of 1,936 NFTs—representing the year 1936, the first appearance of a Budweiser can. There is arguably no can more iconic than Budweiser's signature red iteration, and the Anheuser Busch brand has launched a vast array of special edition cans in its lengthy tenure as the King of Beers.

The Gold NFTs


As is the case with any good NFT project, Budweiser is including 36 ultra-rare tokens in the form of gold cans, featuring imagery from the brand's iconic classic cans. This can gives holders the same benefits as the rest of the collection, with some added bonuses only available to gold holders.

The Budweiser can is an incredible selection for an NFT project like this, as it builds on a similar structure to other immensely successful projects. Each can has a different history; fans will have to decide which cans they like the most and assign their value on the secondary market based on these preferences. While other brands scramble to figure out ways to make their IP fit an NFT model, Budweiser's can production for the past 85 years has been arguably leading up to a project like this. The cans were NFTs before NFTs existed.

The Core NFTs


The gold cans are priced at $999 (plus gas fees), and the other options will be priced at $499.

If you have questions about NFTs or the minting process, Budweiser included a very helpful FAQ on their landing page, answering any questions you may have about the process.

Participants must be 21 and over to purchase a can. Plans for the metaverse aren't widely available yet, but each token—regardless of rarity—will carry some utility in the brand's forthcoming Budverse.

The cans went live on November 29th at 1pm EST and are now available to browse OpenSea.

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