Deca: A New Infrastructure For Experiencing Digital Objects


“Swiftly & relentlessly, we’ve been building. Now it’s time to tell the story of Deca's future. We're building the Decaverse: powerful infrastructure that brings digital objects to life” -Deca, May 17th 2022

In its most basic form, Deca is a Generative NFT art platform that allows users to create and share NFT galleries as well as follow others on the platform.

What is really amazing about the creation of galleries in Deca is that you can choose to create a simple gallery to quickly and easily show off a collection of works or you can choose to create a freestyle gallery allowing users to add custom backgrounds and text to tell a story in custom ways.

After a $6.2M dollar raise by Offline Ventures and many of the largest names in the NFT space including punk6529, Snowfro, DCinvestor, CozomoMedici, Zeneca_33, Seth Goldstein, ACthecollector and others, Deca released a thread on Twitter outlining their plans for the future.

“This is where the “Decaverse” begins.”

They began with explaining the magnificence of NFTs and NFTs utility of “object permanence" in the world around us powered by blockchain technology and decentralization. Something with this much function needs powerful infrastructure. Deca aims to build this infrastructure so people around the world can experience these magnificent objects.

Deca intends to create portals to NFTs wherever you are present, mobile as well as at home. They also plan to build tools of commerce that will integrate this “soon to be” massive digital economy. The Decaverse aims to be “multi-chain” binding the worlds of different blockchains into one. 

You can even create galleries with NFTs you DON'T own. The bottom corner of the NFTs shows the wallet it is currently residing in. This allows users of the platform to create any idea they want to visualize.

Meet the Octagon, Deca’s first membership token. Free to mint minus gas with an initially unlimited supply, Deca believes membership should be for everyone.

By completing certain tasks, the NFT membership pass dynamically grew into different levels ending at the founder level. Between May 17th and June 26th 2022 when it was announced that Octagons would freeze and the Decagons would take over, 35,395 Octagons were minted with 9,298 making it to the founder level 6.

On June 23rd 2022, Deca released a new thread to Twitter starting off with a question. “How do you create an internet-scale community?” 

“Welcome to the Decagon. An infinitely evolving, always unique, eternally open membership token of the Decaverse.”

Free to mint minus gas, Deca worked in collaboration with world renowned generative artist and programmer Kjetil Golid, to do something that has never been done before, create an infinitely evolving, always unique, eternally open membership token that can reach hundreds of millions strong.

Starting with Octagon holders and then moving into invites, Deca plans to eventually allow everyone to mint a Decagon. You can also choose to own multiple Decagons as well as have a choice in which ones to evolve.

But how do Decagons evolve? With DXP. Pronounced DEX-p, DXP can be generated on your account to level up your Decagon by using Deca on a daily basis such as viewing and reacting to other friends galleries and more. You can also now fulfill quests to help you gain more DXP. 

Why is everything Free? “Because together we’re trying to create an Internet-scale network. The power of a network is in its scale. A network that this community will control."

On Aug 4th 2022 Deca dropped two separate Twitter threads with some major news updates for the platform. The first is that the Deca symbol(decal) and the Decagon itself are now released under CC0. The Creative Commons 0(CC0) license empowers the choice to opt out of copyright and database protection, and the exclusive rights automatically granted to creators. CC0 is “no rights reserved.”

Deca believes “with all conviction that CC0 is the right license model for crypto which is why they are taking this irreversible step, freeing the Decal and Decagon to be a symbol of permissionless creativity.”

In celebration, Deca announced that Kjetil Golid will release a free 100 mint of the Deca decal he created to current holders of the highest level of Decagons able to currently be achieved, level 30.

The second thread they released is a major feature addition they are calling “Squares.” Each Square has specific topics you can share and interact in with friends.

In the current beta release they will have 5 different topics including “1 of 1” artworks, decagons, generative artworks(genart), photos and “gonks.” In each Square, users can see and share the amazing galleries that everyone else is creating around them. Each Square you’re a part of will show up in your home feed but if you don’t want to see that Square topic you are able to leave.

When you click on a post, you’ll see that it’s a fully functional gallery. You are able to hover over and click on the NFTs as well as react, favorite and now comment directly on which is a brand new feature of the platform. Each Square is a public space shared by everyone.

Deca is quickly becoming what seems to be the social media of the future for experiencing the digital objects around us. 

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