DraftKings Launch ReignMakers NFT Based Fantasy Football Program

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In football, there's a game inside the game. No, I’m not talking about the chess game that coaches play as they tweak strategies continuously throughout the game, I’m talking about fantasy football. For decades friend groups, co-workers, and even families have been getting together to participate in the fantasy game mode where you play a mock GM in an attempt to outscore your opponent every week. 

Since fantasy football has moved online, there has been no real evolution in the game. Long term dynasty leagues and other forms of bidding leagues have become more prevalent, but they’re still nothing we haven’t seen before. DraftKings is attempting to make the next big rendition of fantasy football with their new Reignmakers Football NFT based fantasy football game. Here is everything you need to know about Reignmakers Football and how to participate!

What Is Reignmakers?

Reignmakers Football is DraftKing's newest version of fantasy football, with an added twist that gives the user more ownership. Through the DraftKings Marketplace, which launched in August of 2021, users can buy and sell different tiers of NFT’s that correspond with NFL players, to be used in weekly fantasy football competitions. 

The rarity tiers range from Core, Rare, Elite, Legendary and Reignmaker. The scoring for the games will be the same as a regular fantasy football league, with different rules for each competition. This seems like a no-brainer for DraftKings who have already shown heavy interest in what’s possible with WEB3 technology.

How To Play?

The best way to participate in Reignmakers Football is through DraftKings fantasy app. It’s a Seamless process for people using the fantasy app, as the Reignmaker contest’s will be listed similar to the normal weekly fantasy competitions DraftKings offers. All players available for purchase will be in the DraftKings Marketplace. 

New users will be able to find a starter pack with a set of free players to use. This starter pack will give you enough to participate in the lowest level contests and let you get an idea of how the fantasy competitions work. Weekly prizes will include a combination of cash prizes ($1 mill a week), and contests where NFT’s are rewarded. Different prizes like in-real-life experiences and potential tie-ins to other DK rewards could be announced in the future. 

I was a little skeptical to dip my feet in, but once I got to ripping packs I didn’t look back. I was able to acquire the free starter pack and pulled Allen Robinson II along with other notable players. I took my chance at the $9.99 ‘SuperStar’ pack which gives a guaranteed core player who’s considered a superstar in the NFL. My luck seemed to pay off today and I pulled a core Josh Allen, with the cheapest one on auction up for $28! This gets me even more excited to watch the NFL kick off on September 8th and to participate in Reignmakers. Find me on twitter @justincohen24 and let me know what you pull!

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