Enjin Announces Jumpnet, a Step Towards Democratized NFTs


The biggest headache for NFT users today (other than explaining the acronym 50 times a day) is gas fees. Luckily, the folks over at Enjin have provided a solution:

The problem with gas fees:

Imagine your grandma sending you a birthday card with $5 in it. How would you feel if she told you "My mail route so busy today I had to pay my mailman $60 to send the card"? 

You'd probably go looking for a mailman to "just talk". 

No one messes with grandma. 

Take that ridiculous upcharge and apply it to sending NFTs. It can cost you upwards of $50-$60 in the crypto currency Ethereum (ETH) to send a $1 item. 

Enjin’s newest product Jumpnet makes Gas Fees as obsolete as late night Blockbuster runs.

What does Jumpnet do?

Jumpnet lets users mint (create NFTs with enjin coin) and send items to others without having to pay any ETH gas fees. 

Game developers and others adopting NFTs have had to calculate ridiculous exploding gas costs to distribute items. A single giveaway could cost thousands of dollars in Gas Fees. Not to mention people who want to trade with their friends. They've been subjected to the crazy Gas Fees too. 

Free to play games can now breathe easier knowing that they can distribute their items to players without having to manually check Gas Fees beforehand. Jumpnet allows companies to create easily scanned QR codes that they can post on their announcements and other social media. Once a user has scanned the code, their Enjin will receive a NFT of a random rarity from the person who created the “Drop”. 

This much more cost effective environment will create a new wave of content creators, gamers and brands that want to experiment with NFTs. It's also a stepping stone for the future Enjin product, Efinity, which will grant Enjin NFT holders the ability to earn passively—but that's for another article!

For future updates and showcases of people utilizing this tech, be sure to follow me on Twitter and the folks over at Enjin to keep up to date on what they're cooking up.

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