Lost Relics: An RPG Where You Play to Earn NFTs

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NFTs & crypto art have captured the thoughts and minds of the art community worldwide. Art aficionados have elbowed each other out of the way to buy the next digital Pandemic Picasso for millions of dollars. It looks like an industry that was not ready to be disrupted. Now, for everyone else who has to check their bank account before they get their car worked on, art isn’t at the front of their minds. NFTs have been revolutionizing another industry for years now—although not in the space you may be thinking of.

Before Banksy creating art NFTs, gaming was at the forefront of development and utilization of this groundbreaking technology. This is not the case of people getting rich quick like in crypto art. The gaming experience has been much more of people discovering the value of their effort and time grinding for loot and rare items. The avenues and opportunities this presents to both players and indie game developers has changed the face of the community. One of the best examples of how NFTs have affected gaming is the Diablo-style dungeon crawler, Lost Relics, a game where you can earn NFTs through gameplay. 


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Lost Relics

This is the Godslayer, the rarest weapon in the game, and it is also one of the strongest due to being a Transcendent tier 2 handed sword. 

(Rarity of items goes Transcendent > Mythical > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Uncommon > Common)

In the graph below you can see the damage in each weapon tier. The rarer the item, the more base damage it deals:

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Lost Relics

The Godslayer was a loot drop, meaning this item was available to be found by a player that survived the dungeons.

NFTs have started a snowball effect in gaming. They have gifted Lost Relics with the ability to have an item economy that grows and evolves with the player base. Giving value to the players time and skill that they can take with them. The new applications in the NFT gaming space will be numerous. I believe we will see player controlled game item rental services, guild ran servers, and even cross platform gameplay, where a sword from this game could be used in the next generation's version of the Battle Royale.

I'd just like to say, we have have an exciting future ahead of us.

Let The Games Begin!

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