The Euler Beats Team Is Bringing NFTs To Times Square

They're teaming up with artist Jonathan Rosen for his NFT debut

Jonathan Rosen / The Biggest Drop In Times Square Since New Years

Treum is back with a big NFT project. The team behind Euler Beats has developed another multi-tier NFT drop with many interesting layers to parse through. 

They have partnered with international language artist Jonathan Rosen for his NFT debut with a project called The Biggest Drop In Times Square Since New Years

Classic to the Treum team, this drop is full of twists and turns—this time including chance-based mintings, democratized drawing mechanics, and an opportunity for a handful of collectors to have their names and faces (or perhaps their pseudonyms and avatars) showcased on the Nasdaq Digital Tower in Times Square. 

Here’s how it’s going down...

Beginning on June 8th, anyone can mint and collect a single-phrase” NFT by Jonathan Rosen for 0.1 ETH. The artist has created a list of 1000 possible endings for each of the following 4 anchor phrases: “I want”, “Big”, “Drop” and “Famous”. 

The collector gets to choose 1 of these 4 anchor phrase options. The ending of the phrase will be chosen at random out of the 1000 options at the time of minting. Once minted, the chosen phrase will be removed from the list of available possibilities. 

Below is an example of a potential phrase for each anchor phrase, as well as some of the possible endings…

treum nft horizontal
Jonathan Rosen

As mentioned on the project’s NFT minting page, “Jonathan’s artwork is designed to explore the subconscious, so after receiving your NFT see what personal connections and meanings you can make to your new piece”.

Through Jonathan’s artwork, the project aims to experiment with what happens when “we’ve tokenized our innermost human desires.” 

As Treum’s Tyler Mulvihill puts it: “Because of the minting mechanism, you don't know what you're going to get, so we believe that a secondary market will emerge almost instantly. This market will aim to put a price on hopes and desires. For example, "I want fame" might sell for higher than "I want crypto." 

One week after the chance-based minting opens, on Tuesday June 15, The Big Auction commences. Taking place on Opensea, the 24-hour event will auction off 5 one-of-one NFTs. 4 of the 5 super rare NFTs are “full reel” motion visuals showcasing all 1000 phrase possibilities.

Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen

The fifth and final auctioning NFT is where Nasdaq comes into the fold. In collaboration with Nasdaq’s Purpose Initiative, this NFT combines Rosen’s anchor phrase “I want” along with all 4000+ listing symbols on the NASDAQ exchange. All proceeds of this NFT’s sale will go to the Broadway Cares organization.

Last but not least, we arrive at the Times Square element of the drop—known as the "Fame Game". The week following the auction, all five auction winners, as well as the collector with the most single-phrase mints, will get the opportunity to have their face, name and/or wallet address on Nasdaq's 7-story tall Digital Tower in Times Square.

treum nft drop vertical
Jonathan Rosen

Clearly this release has a lot of layers to it. You can dig in deeper by jumping around the NFT project’s page on Jonathan’s website

The Treum team continues to explore new and creative avenues with their drops, stretching the ways in which NFTs and art can intersect. It’s exciting to see them partner up with more artists— this time with Jonathan Rosen—allowing these innovative tech stacks to support artists and their work.

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