October 26th's NF3 Recap: Solid Gold BAYC, SAW, and Twitter NFT Tab

Michael Caloca / ONE37PM

Today’s NF3 recap is sure to unveil some really fun updates within the NFT community. If this is your first time joining us, please be sure to check out our most recent NF3 Recap!

As for today, I am going to cover the record-breaking Solid Gold BAYC sale. SAW is releasing its own new digital collectibles that are sure to be frightening. Also, Twitter released some new information regarding their blockchain-linked tab. Enjoy all of that, plus a couple of extras, in today’s NF3 Recap!

1. Solid Gold BAYC record sale

Huge congratulations to J1mmy.eth on his purchase of his new Solid Gold BAYC #881, which was collected this morning at the Sotheby’s auction. The previous record of $2.25M was shattered by a whopping $1.15M, for a new record totaling over $3.4M!

This specific solid gold Ape had never been traded before according to the transaction data found on the blockchain, until today that is! J1mmy of course has now made his solid gold Ape his avatar on Twitter, flexing the awesome new edition that he has added to his NFT collection.

2. Saw launches their own digital collectibles

The splatter film franchise SAW, launched their own terrifying digital collectibles today on Draftkings, right in time to get you in the Halloween spirit. SAW’s first drop today features an assortment of various “Traps” inspired by the film.

If you can’t get in on the drop today, don’t worry. SAW has announced they will hold a second drop on October 28, starting at 2 pm est. The second drop will offer different digital Schematics and Keys from the movie.

Holders of the SAW NFT will gain access to Autograph’s special Discord community. Collectors who complete and hold a “Set” of Saw Chapter 1 NFTs at the Activation Date on October 31, 2021, will be eligible to receive one an NFT of Jigsaw’s Workshop

3. Twitter NFT tab is in the works

Back in September of this year, Twitter discussed adding a feature that would allow users to prove ownership of their digital assets, better known as NFTs.

As of today, Twitter has released further details regarding NFT integration into their platform. Twitter is currently working on a way to display NFTs that are held in wallets such as Metamask.

Moreover, Twitter plans on adding a way to view an NFT’s details. Details will consist of a description of the asset, as well as the NFT’s original creator, plus some other details that are still undisclosed. Apparently, you will be able to find all this information in a tab called “Collectibles”, which will likely replace the “Likes” tab under the user’s profile.

We will be sure to keep you up-to-date as more information is revealed.

Other cool stuff

The NFT community is full of surprises. With that being said, a lot of events take place in a single day, in the NFT space. So, we do our best to cover some of the most important and entertaining updates we come across.

Nicky Diamond founded Diamond Supply Co. in 1998. Recently, Nicky Diamond announced he is releasing his first NFT called Diamond Crypto Dunks. Minting is open tomorrow 8/27, to the 2200 collector’s on Diamond's whitelist, with a mint price of 0.07 ETH.

In addition to the whitelist mint, presale mints will be available Friday, to the 4400 collectors on the presale list, with a 0.08 ETH mint price. If you aren’t part of either the whitelist or the presale, public minting will begin November 1st, at 8am pst.

As a holder of a Diamond Crypto Dunk NFT, you will get access to exclusive Diamond Crypto Dunk merchandise drops. Purchase 5 or more in one minting transaction and you will be gifted one free Diamond Crypto Dunk while supplies last.

Additionally, every hold will have pre-access to Diamond's upcoming store that is opening in the metaverse. This store is a fully integrated wearables store and avatar clothing shop. Oh, and it has a fully functioning skate park!

Well, that's all for today. Thank you for joining us in another NF3 Recap. WGMI.

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