How To Disconnect Your Wallet

Hannah Scherwatzky

When people talk about disconnecting a wallet, in some cases, they mean removing it from a service. In other cases, they simply suggest removing access given. We will cover both below to help you with wallet security. So if you are like me and have used your hot wallet to connect to hundreds of websites or dApps this is something you may need to do. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Doing a quick search around the internet there does not appear to be a ton of information available on how to disconnect your wallet. Either from dApps (decentralized applications) or the individual wallet programs themselves. The most common one and subsequently the easiest to disconnect is Metamask while the hardest goes to the centralized Coinbase Wallet.


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To disconnect your Metamask wallet from a website, you must open up your Metamask. Then go up to the kebab menu (the three vertical dots) and click on that.

Next, you have to look down towards the bottom of the menu. There you will see “Connected sites” where you can search through a list of websites. Once the website is found just click it and you will be disconnected.

Note: When it comes to removing or disconnecting a wallet from Metamask it must have been one that was imported into Metamask. It cannot be a native meta mask wallet. If it is an imported wallet you can go to the top of your Metamask and click on the name of the account. That will allow you to switch accounts. The wallet can be removed by clicking the kebab menu and looking down towards the bottom. You should see the option to remove the account. The warning here is that once removed, you will have to use your seed phrase to recover your wallet if there is a plan to return to Metamask.


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Coinbase Wallet

When using Coinbase Wallet, you want to open the wallet app and look towards the bottom. That is where you should see the options gear. Click then Scroll down until you see “Connected apps.” Open that menu. You should see a list of applications. 

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This is where you can sever the connection to any dApps (decentralized applications) you may have connected to. Recently Coinbase added a new dApp wallet that will allow you to connect to applications from the Coinbase app, not just the wallet. Warning with this is there is no clear way to disconnect them from your wallet.

Wallet Connect

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Wallet Connect

Both Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet use wallet connect to bridge the gap between their wallets and web3 websites.  When you disconnect from Wallet Connect in the Trust Wallet as an example, simply go down to the bottom and click the settings gear.

Once you click the settings gear, a menu should appear in the middle of the screen. When you interact with that menu it will move into another, where you will see the ability to set new connections or a list of current connections. You need to navigate the list to find the connection you would like to remove. When selected, the next menu will offer the option to disconnect at the bottom.

When it comes to removing or disconnecting a wallet from the Trust Wallet it is fairly easy. Open the app and look for the wallet name below the value near the top. On the next menu, you can delete the wallet by clicking the trash can in the top right.  The warning here is that once removed you will have to use your seed phrase to recover your wallet to add it back to your trust wallet or any other wallet.

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It wouldn’t be a 137pm article if we didn’t leave you with some information most may not have. An industry secret a few of the whales, including a mega mutant, have used to protect their assets and secure million-dollar wallets is the website will allow you to revoke approvals given to the wallet, a literal lifesaver for some. That includes those given by NFTs you have purchased as well as tokens you have added. While not the same as disconnecting your wallet, revoking approvals is what some people are talking about. I highly recommend using before doing any changes in the access point, after an airdrop, or after minting something you feel to be sketchy.

Its interface is pretty straightforward. You connect with your wallet and select the things you would like to revoke assess from. Make sure you are one the site before doing anything.

There you have it folks, a comprehensive list of how to disconnect your wallet and protect your assets. Stay safe out there.

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