Meet Jeremy Booth: The Illustrator Behind the Bushidos NFT Project

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Artwork by Jeremy Booth

Part of what has made the NFT community so interesting is how it has allowed creators from a vast array of different disciplines to express themselves and monetize their work. Musicians, painters, animators and even illustrators have entered a whole new world of possibility when it comes to building their personal brands. ONE37pm had the chance to catch up with Jeremy Booth, the illustrator behind the Bushidos Avatar project to talk about the future of his PFP collection and his history of impressive client design work.

Booth and I begin our conversation discussing how he got into graphic design and found his footing as an illustrator. From the jump, Booth knew that having a recognizable style would be key to building his body of work. “I wanted to have a style or a voice,” he tells me, speaking about when he first got into practicing with Adobe Illustrator. At the time, he was working as a nurse’s assistant at a hospital and began experiencing some health problems, including having his first seizure. “Illustration, in a lot of ways, was an escape for me. This was during a period of trying to discover myself,” Booth tells me of this time in his life. “In that dark time, it was my way out emotionally.”

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During this era, Jeremy worked hard to establish his voice as an illustrator, and eventually started doing some commercial and editorial freelance work. He finally got picked up by an art representative in Paris, and then later earned representation in North America as well. Prior to joining the team at Coinbase in January of this year, Booth had spent 6+ years freelancing. In that time, he painted a massive mural for Rabbit Hole Distillery in his hometown, worked with British GQ and launched a series of other personal projects, all of which are available to peruse on his website.

Jeremy Booth / Sandbox

Additionally, the team recently purchased a lot in Sandbox for potential Bushidos HQ, a super fun move which gives the collection an HQ in the metaverse.

I personally can’t wait for the Daito tokens and the possibility of getting to see some of these characters come to life on the page via a comic book. Bushidos was the culmination of a long history of Jeremy honing his craft as an illustrator, demonstrating the myriad of ways in which creators can evolve their work for the new world of Web3.

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Jeremy Booth

The Developers: Jai Prasad and Cesar Pantoja

Social Media Manager & Partnerships: Niko Kampouris

Community Manager: Cryptographer#0001 on Discord

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