Krool Toys Releases Dogémon NFT Game

Krool Toys

The collectible space is ever-evolving. With the recent explosion of the NFT world, collectors are becoming more acutely aware of the role of ownership in collection as opposed to just owning something for some specific utility. Krool Toys, for example, creates games available to the general public, but releases a corresponding physical game cartridge. You can play the game without the cartridge, but you still want that sweet, sweet cartridge.

The NY and Bombay based creative studio has produced limited run collectibles and video games for Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert, Rod Wave, Rico Nasty and Gunna. All of the games were playable to everyone, but released alongside a corresponding collectible, whether it was a toy or a video game cartridge.

Earlier today, Krool launched one of their most exciting projects yet: Dogémon. The meme-ified game is a parody of Pokémon, but invokes all of the biggest happenings in the red hot crypto world of 2021. Players have the opportunity to play as Elon Musk and lead Doge on his first adventure through 4 epic battles against opponents such as GME Kid, Jeff Bezos, Bernie Sanders and Janet Yellen before the doge makes his way to the SpaceX rocket and blasts off into the atmosphere. The game is available to play online, but only select NFT holders will get the chance to win the physical Game Boy cartridges, which are compatible with any Gameboy/Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Advance SP console.

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Krool Toys

The drop is being orchestrated on Rarible, and each NFT purchase comes with some corresponding perks:

  • 3D cartridge video NFT
  • Transparent PNG sprite character pack
  • Lottery raffle for a chance to win the physical Game Boy cartridge
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Krool Toys

For full info on the editions of each item, check the Rarible listing. And to keep up with the wonderful world of Krool, make sure to follow the brand on IG, Twitter and TikTok.

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