KidSuper Brings CryptoSupers to the NFT Landscape


Artists are coming up with new ways to create NFT projects every day. Although traditional visual art has made a lot of headlines in the past few weeks, almost any form of art can be converted into something mint-able as an NFT. So couldn't a sculpture be an NFT?

It absolutely could. Iconic brand KidSuper Studios, helmed by Colm Dillane, is auctioning off 3 NFT animations of some absolutely mesmerizing sculptures today, April 12th on Nifty Gateway. The stop-motion style animation project—titled "CryptoSupers"—features three caricatures: Bodega Man, BallonGirl and The Wandering Traveler. Even Elon Musk has thrown a bid down on a KidSuper NFT! Each of the NFTs also comes with a physical asset, in addition to the sculpture's personal superpowers.

Bodega Man

crytosupers bodega

The Bodega Man NFT comes with an absolutely amazing superpower: "Ability to talk to anyone about anything with the utmost confidence." Just like your neighborhood bodega man. The NFT also comes with real life collectible resin cuboids with 1/1 CryptoSuper fossil. This one is my personal favorite.

The Wandering Traveler

crytosupers wandering traveler

The Wandering Traveler has a pretty killer super power as well: "The constant nomad, ability to survive in any scenario." The little animation with accompanying bindle sack (and an entirely fresh fit) also comes with the aforementioned resin cuboids with 1/1 CryptoSuper fossil.


crytosupers balloon

The BallonGirl, like the other two, has a super power of her own: "Ability to float high up into the sky without an ounce of fear." Her balloons and flowery dress are a show-stopper. Her NFT also comes with the aforementioned physical items.

For some information on the process of creating the figures, check out this video from KidSuper's IG:

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