Meet Maika Isogawa, Founder and CEO of Webacy

From Cirque du Soleil to starting her own tech company

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Maika Isogawa calls herself a jack-of-all-trades. She's a Stanford grad, former Microsoft engineer, and professional acrobat who became the lead of a Cirque du Soleil show at the age of 18. Now, she's at the forefront of the tech industry as the CEO and Founder of web3 startup, Webacy.

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Maika Isogawa

For those who are familiar with the figure of speech, "jack of all trades, master of none," Maika proves it doesn't always have to be that way.

Whether it's performing as an aerialist in the circus, publishing a poetry book, reporting for television, or being honored on the Forbes '30 Under 30' list, Maika has demonstrated that it is possible to have a wide range of interests and also achieve mastery in more than one. Some would even say she's a living example of "jack of all trades, master of all."

ONE37pm sat down with Maika for a chat about her eclectic background and what inspired her to start Webacy.

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What is Webacy?

Webacy is a platform for securing digital assets. It aims to help people manage their social media and digital assets after they die. Its products include a backup wallet, a killswitch for hacks, and a crypto will.

Maika came up with the idea for this company after her cousin passed away.

"I had a firsthand look of what happened when she passed away," Maika said. "In terms of asset management, both traditionally and non traditionally."

As digital assets such as crypto and NFTs are becoming more and more prevalent over time, she knew there had to be a tech enabled solution to deal with it.

I wanted to create a will that could be automated in distribution. You can say in your traditional will that you want your kids to have your crypto. But, they have no way to access it without your seed phrase. But we don't take your seed phrase. It's all coded in a smart contract and the distribution of it is set on conditional triggers all on chain.

- Maika Isogawa

Webacy is a solution focused on securing one's blockchain-based digital assets. This includes all ERC tokens (20, 721, 1155) with support coming for BTC, SOL, and other chains.

In addition to web3 assets, Webacy protects web2 digital assets. Users can store their files permanently with Shoebox, choose a plan for their social media accounts, designate an Inner Circle to carry out their wishes, and more.

Preparing For The Role

While Maika was a student at Stanford, she studied Symbolic Systems, a multi-disciplinary program that combines computer science, psychology, software engineering, linguistics, and more.

She then took two years off of college to tour all over the world as an aerialist before returning and graduating.

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Maika in her days at Cirque Du Soleil / Maika Isogawa

After graduation, she worked in cybersecurity as an engineer for Microsoft. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but never felt like she had the right idea— until Webacy.

Even though Maika is a first-time founder, all of these experiences have prepared her for her current role.

Maika says the Cirque du Soleil taught her characteristics that are essential to her job as a founder today. Her experiences performing and training have taught her to confidently navigate challenges through discipline, flexibility (both physically and mentally) and patience.

Getting Started

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Webacy membership varies depending on the amount of features chosen. A subscription ranges from 0.08 - 0.5 ETH per year. However, users can buy a Grimmie NFT for the same features, including early access to new features

What are Grimmies NFTs?

To get full access to Webacy, you can purchase a Grimmie NFT. Grimmies is an NFT project powered by Webacy. All owners of Grimmies will have early access to the Webacy product and pricing privileges for life.

"We wanted to create an access token for our product," Maika said. "They're a 10k collection of grim reapers made to look kind of cute to pay homage to our early days as a company."

Grimmies holders will also have access to Webacy's exclusive Discord channel with estate and tax planning experts on hand.

Grimmies is a women-led, women-designed project and is available for purchase on Opensea. You can also access the waitlist here.

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The Future of Webacy

"We're really focused on locking down the smart contract infrastructure that we have," Maika said. "Then, we'll expand from there."

Maika says the conditional trigger used in smart contracts can be applied to not just crypto wills, but many other situations in the future including crypto marriages, crypto prenups, and trust funds.

"The roadmap for products and services can be endless."

Stay up to date on future announcements by following Webacy on Instagram and Twitter.

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