1/1 Artist Spotlight: Mediolanum 


ONE37pm's 1/1 Artist Spotlight is a series that focuses on giving love to 1 of 1 NFT Artists. Whether they're from the traditional art world or just got started in art through web3, we want to highlight and help you get to know those who are up and coming.

A 1/1 NFT is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectible where no other exists other than the piece itself. We hope to introduce you to talented and incredible people in the NFT space and the reasons they love doing what they do.

Mediolanum is an artist named after the city of the same name (Mediolanum), the ancient city where Milan now stands.

His artist focuses primarily on anatomy as his main motif. After falling in love with the aesthetic of anatomy, he now sees the body through both a scientific and creative lens when creating art.

"Scientific in that it depicts the raw human body but, through my vision I can abstract what the human body looks like and portray it in different ways for my viewers."

Mediolanum doesn't shy away from experimenting and so, his artwork can fall between a spectrum of bright vs dark color palettes and abstraction vs realism.

You can follow him on Instagram here and follow more of his work here.

How has your artist journey changed since joining NFTs? How did you start?

I'd say it’s completely changed my artist journey. I have been able to meet so many artists through it and it's completely changed my perspective on how art can be collected and sold.

I believe that NFTs have completely changed what it means to be an art collector. Anyone can now collect art and it’s changed the vehicle in which artist’s can sell their work. I've been enamored by the support from the community. It all really started from taking a Contemporary Art 101 class in college which made me really fall in love with what art can be. I've always seen myself as creative and I've always loved the Arts.

Eventually it got to a point where I decided to make an account to share art and it dawned upon me one day to create my own art. I remember having a conversation with my friend and telling him that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to creating art. Ever since that day, I haven't looked back, I've been constantly creating and pushing myself to be the best artist I can be and to express the emotions, experiences and ideas that I have in my head.  

Do you prefer physical or digital?

I was creating physical art before I was even an artist. That included making collages, playing with acrylic paint and sketching. I never took the mediums seriously. Eventually I joined Twitter and became friends with a ton of digital artists. I noticed that a lot of my friends were using iPads to create their art and I figured I’d take the risk of investing into one. It was well worth it because it made me fall in love with what's possible through digital art.

I love digital because I think there's so many tools and variables and perspectives on how you can create your art and those limitless boundaries cultivate your curiosity. However I do really love physical art. There's a level of depth and texture that you can never achieve through digital. I'm always trying to figure out new ways to play with texture, brushes and the overall aesthetic of my work. I think in the near future I really want to post more physical work but, for now I love creating digitally.   

Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations?

I honestly have so many inspirations and it comes from so many different places, whether that's music, fashion or art. I look up to people who seek to innovate. One of my favorite artists is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a true creative beyond just visual arts and part of the reason for my love of anatomy. I'm also a big fan of other artists including Basquiat, Rothko, Caravaggio, Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter. I love directors like Satoshi Kon, Stanley Kubrik and Wong Kar-wai. I’m a huge fan of anime, hip hop and rap, and fashion designers like Alexander Mcqueen, Margiela, Rei Kawakubo, and Rick owens. Some of my favorite musical artists include Asap Rocky, Ye, and Carti. I’m always just absorbing so much information and culture from all of these things that I love. 

However, as much as I respect many artists from history, I would have to say my peers are truly some of my biggest inspirations. I am constantly learning from them and I’m lucky I am surrounded by such amazing art. Spending so much time talking to them definitely inspires and influences the way I create and I am grateful for that.   

What is your favorite piece?

It's a very difficult question to answer, it's like having to choose your favorite child. I have a deep connection with every piece I make because they portray a moment in time. I have all these feelings that I want to get out and art has become a therapeutic way in doing so. I might not be able to pick a single piece but I would say the ones that definitely resonate with me the most  are “Why Do I Feel Nothing” and “Accepting all My Flaws”. Both artworks feel aesthetically pleasing because of color, texture and composition. However, they are also very conceptual and that's something that's very important to me, the intention behind the piece. I love the idea of art being both aesthetically pleasing yet conceptually dense. This allows the audience to be drawn into the work because of the way it looks but then they keep looking because there's a larger picture being portrayed. It leads people to question themselves and the world around them. 

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

There's so many things I want to accomplish within the next year. I'd say for sure it would be to get my art into more places in the real world whether that be galleries and exhibitions or even showing people my art in person. I want my art to be everywhere, I want my art to be experienced by as many people as possible. I am also looking forward to collaborations whether that is hosting events with friends or making art together, or working on a project.

I'm looking forward to constantly innovating through my own art and making work I’m proud of. Specific things would include putting out physical paintings, practicing art in general more often and of course traveling the world more. 

When do you feel most inspired to create?

It's completely random at times. The best way to put it is when I feel this sudden wave of quietness. Almost as if the world slows down for a bit and the only thing I can pay attention to is the artwork I am working on. This can happen early in the morning, a random day in the afternoon or even 4 AM at night because I can’t go to sleep. Regardless of when it is, I’ve learned to cherish these moments and try my best to not let go of the rhythm once I get into it. Also when I see really good art or watch a great movie or even just experiencing something in real life can inspire me to create. 

Who are 3 artists you have your eyes on at the moment?

Three artists that I have my eyes on at the moment would definitely have to be Ram (@ram_dezin), Terrell (@terrelldom) and Karisma (stopstare). I'm blessed to call each one of them my friend but, even more lucky I can call them my peers. I think each one has perfected multiple styles and have their own unique touch when it comes to creating. I’m  truly inspired by each one in their own way, whether it’s a striking color palette with subtle soft faces, devilish humans and a good eye for composition, or even beautifully painted punk inspired figures. There’s really hundreds of more artists I can name but, I’d say these three are truly something special. 

What advice would you give to an artist starting in the space right now?

Really the best advice I would give is to just start. Don’t be scared to put your work out there and find other like-minded people. Constantly push yourself with your craft and never be afraid to experiment. Success to me isn't about making a lot of sales or gaining a huge following. It’s about being happy that you're able to create, it's being happy that you're able to share your work with others, it's being able to have other human beings resonate with your art. I want people who want to be an artist to be honest with themselves… to ask themselves why they want to be an artist, what drives them to want to create. Asking these questions can open up your subconscious mind and you start to understand that the idea of being an artist is neither a career nor a job. It's a lifestyle you spend the rest of your life doing. Also be okay with not making a lot of money and that it may take a while to garner attention and get “big”. 

Would you rather be relatable or aspirational to your audience?

I'd like to say that I want to be a mixture of both. You want to be relatable to people so that they can understand you and resonate with who you are as a human being. But I also think it's important to be aspirational, to constantly push people to be the best version of themselves. To go out there and do things that seem unheard of or that seem impossible. I might side more with aspiration now that I think about it. I want people to realize that anything is possible once you set your mind to it and that it takes leaders and visionaries to change the world. I aspire to make the world a better place and hence, I would like myself to be inspirational to others. It makes me very happy when people tell me I influenced or motivated them to do something. Means I am going in the right direction. 

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