Most Expensive Sports NFTs

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Over the past few years NFT's and digital collectibles have reached incredible heights that no one ever imagined. NFT collections like that of artist Beeple sold for north of $60 million dollars while individual NFT's from collections like CryptoPunk and BAYC sold for more than $1 million. Take a look at the 15 highest selling sports NFT's of all-time.


1.) Statue of LeBron

  • Sale: $21.6 million

The highest known recorded sale for a sports NFT is known other than the 'King' of the NBA, LeBron James. James is known for his iconic slam-dunks, routinely soaring through the air to jam on defenders heads. An NFT of his iconic runaway dunk was sold on auction for over $20 million dollars. The NFT is a 1/1 and purchasing it grants you full rights to the image.

2.) MLB Champions Brett Gardner

  • Sale: $21.28 million

The highest known sale for an NFT of a baseball player surprisingly goes to Yankees legend Brett Gardner. Gardner played on the Yankees from 2008 to 2021 and was named an all-star in 2015. Most notably, he won a ring with the Yankees in 2009, his only World Series win. Gardner has not officially retired but was ruled inactive and did not play in the 2022 season.

3.) Jermall Charlo: Lions Only GOLD ULTIMATE

  • Sale: $19.1 million

The last eight-figure sale to make the list os highest sports NFT sales comes from Jermall Charlo's championship fight. This 1/1 NFT was created to commemorate Charlo winning his WBC Middleweight World Championship fight in 2019. Charlo is currently 32-0 with 22 of those wins coming via knockout.

4.) Micheal Jordan SportPunk

  • Sale: $5.06 million

When NFT's hit their peak in 2021, it seemed like everyday a new 8-bit Cryptopunk would sell for millions of dollars. The NFT project is looked at as an OG project, becoming a widely recognized and respected project in the space. They created a sports spinoff of their NFT's, releasing 100 different editions that looked like various athletes. The legendary Michael Jordan Sportspunk sold for over $5 million.

5.) Rare Diego Maradona 2020-21

  • Sale: $4.3 million

There are few proper football players who are as well-known or infamous as the great Diego Maradona. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Maradona is one of the greatest to ever touch a pitch. He is most well-known for winning the 1984 World Cup which saw him score a controversial goal known as the "Hand of God". A NFT of him as a coach sold for over $4 million.

6.) Nifty Doge Low Tayl0r.WFT

  • Sale: $2.1 Million

It should be no surprise that a collectible like shoes have translated into digital collectibles. People have been collecting and trading shoes for decades and they have become a staple in popular culture. An NFT of an 8-bit version of the Nike Dunk Lows sold for over $2 million. The NFT is a 1/1 and was personally commissioned.

7.) Alex Morgan Legendary

  • Sale: $2.129 million

Arguably the greatest American soccer player ever, it should come as no surprise that Alex Morgan cracks the top 10 of this list. Morgan has won two World Cups with the United States as well as a gold medal. The rare legendary version of her NFT sold for over $2 million.

8.) Aaron Judge Legendary

  • Sale: $2.129 million

There was no baseball who had as highly publicized a season as Yankees Aaron Judge. The slugger hit a record 62 home-runs and took home his second AL MVP award. A legendary version of his NFT sold for over $2 million dollars. Judge, who is slated to be a free agent, is looking to get a massive deal this offseason.

9.) Action Jackson’s Sports Cards

  • Sale: $2.08 million

When you hold a nickname like Mr.October, it means you did some pretty legendary stuff during the MLP postseason. Reggie Jackson cemented his legacy after smacking three consecutive home-runs during the 1977 World Series. A digital asset of him sold for over $2 million. The NFT also comes with ownership of Reggie Jackson baseball cards and memorabilia.

10.) Mookie Betts Legendary

  • Sale: $2.05 million

Mookie Betts shot into superstardom in the MLB after four consecutive seasons as an all-star with the Boston Red Sox. After being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, he would continue his all-star play as well as helping the Dodgers win a World Series. A legendary version of his NFT sold for over $2 million.

11.) Kobe Bryant's Last Tweet

  • Sale: $1.9 Million

The NBA and sports world were sent into shock when it was announced the great Kobe Bryant had perished in a helicopter crash at the young age of 41. His last tweet was an homage to fellow Laker LeBron James for passing him in points scored all-time. The tweet reportedly sold for a little under $2 million.

12.) Beastly Ballers Dragoon

  • Sale: $1.08 Million

The Beastly Ballers are an NFT project that allow you to collect different positions and rarities of the Beastly Baller universe. The most expensive sale from this project was the Dragoon, who plays quarterback. The highest recorded sale of this NFT went for just a little over $1 million.

13.) AC Milan No. 1s, 5 Pack

  • Sale: $1.08 Million

AC Milan is one of the most historic and well known proper football clubs in the world. The club was founded in 1899 and has won 19 league titles in the Italian Serie A. A bundle that includes five high-profile AC Milan players was sold for just shy of $1 million. This is a really interesting entry on this list as it's the only sale that included multiple NFTs.

14.) GlitchKicks Trophy Room Chicago

  • Sale: $1.08 Million

The second sneaker to enter our list of the most expensive sports NFT's comes from GlitchKicks. The NFT of the iconic Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago kicks sold for just over $1 million.

15.) Signed Dream Team Ball 1992

  • Sale: $1.06 Million

There are few, maybe no, basketball teams as iconic or important as the 1992 Dream Team. The first group of professional basketball players to represent the USA at the olympics, the 92 team took home gold and showed the world how great basketball is. An NFT of a basketball signed by the entire team sold for just over $1 million.

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