1/1 Artist Spotlight: Mrfiretruckman


ONE37pm's 1/1 Artist Spotlight is a series that focuses on giving love to 1 of 1 NFT Artists. Whether they're from the traditional art world or just got started in art through web3, we want to highlight and help you get to know those who are up and coming.

A 1/1 NFT is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectible where no other exists other than the piece itself. We hope to introduce you to talented and incredible people in the NFT space and the reasons they love doing what they do.

Mrfiretruckman, also known as Manny, is an artist based in Florida. He strives to create new worlds through his art, and he's constantly thinking of ways to improve his craft. In his pieces, viewers can get to know who understand him deeper through his vivid color blending as well as fine line art work.

His work is currently available on Foundation and Super Rare.

ONE37pm: How would you describe your art style?

Mrfiretruckman: I would describe my art style as an organized chaos. I love to depict multiple feelings by combining multiple artistic styles I have learned over time coming together to form a scene full of vibrant colors, details and most of all storytelling. I want the viewer to feel lost within my pieces and spark the childlike feeling of wonder, to travel throughout the scene for longer than a quick glimpse. 

ONE37pm: How has your artist journey changed since joining NFTs? How did you start?

Mrfiretruckman: My artist journey started when I was a little kid, I've been making art all of my life but never saw it as a career until graduating from college in the middle of the pandemic. Having no idea what I wanted to do I decided it was time to pursue my passion for art, whatever it took. I applied a strong level of discipline to my craft and began improving more and more, it was at this time I had heard about NFTs and decided to learn as much as I possibly could. I'm a huge believer that art comes first, and that I was not going to mint anything I didn't 100% believe in. My minted pieces are pieces that embody my entire artistic journey, they are works that took over 100+ hours each. No detail left overlooked. I've only minted on Foundation up to this point, and I'm currently working on my Super Rare Genesis piece that is coming soon. Super excited to share what I've been working on for over 3 months. 

ONE37pm: Do you prefer physical or digital art?

Mr. Firetruckman: I'm a huge fan of both physical and digital, I started physical and will always have a deep love for it, but for the time being I have devoted a lot of my time to creating digital pieces, they allow me to create at a much faster rate and with no limitations. I will revisit physical pieces in the future for sure.

ONE37pm: What is your favorite piece?

Mrfiretruckman: My favorite is not always the same piece, it constantly changes over time depending on what I release at the time. So, in this case "Love F.M." is my most recent depiction of where my work is at the moment.

Love F.M 3
"Love F.M." / Mrfiretruckman

My pieces are a representation of where I am in life and what I've been through. They are a reminder that I'm still here and I'm still growing. Maybe when I'm much older will I be able to look back and pick out one of my many moments in time.

ONE37pm: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Mrfiretruckman: I want to grow my career and brand in ways I've only dreamt of, Art means the world to me and I want to show the power it has. As an immigrant myself, art as a career was never even thought possible and now that I'm achieving that dream, I want to push myself harder and show that it's possible.

You can follow Mrfiretruckman on Instagram and Twitter.

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