October 13th's NF3 Recap: Visa's NFT Program, EvolvingForest and MekaVerse


The biggest news in NFTs today is arguably the Visa announcement that they would be launching a program to support digital artists, doubling down on their commitment to the world of nun-fungible tokens. Additionally, projects that include a staking component have been on the rise, so we'd like to examine an example of that kind of collection in Evolving Forest. And finally, the MekaVerse reveal took place today after much anticipation, sending the secondary market soaring.

If you're just tuning in, make sure to check out the last edition of NF3.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing. Additionally, Logan Larkin, co-author of this article, is an EvolingForest NFT holder.

1. Visa launching an NFT program to support digital artists

Hot off the news that Coinbase would be launching their own NFT platform, Visa announced today that they would be initiating a program intended to support digital artists as they begin their entry into the NFT space. The program, which is a partnership between Visa and former Major League Baseball player turned NFT artist Micah Johnson, will require creators to apply, and then Visa will arm the selected artists with the resources needed to grow in the world of Web3.0. Check out Visa’s Head of Crypto, Cuy Sheffield's thread on the proposal below:

If you recall, Visa first officially entered the NFT space with their purchase of a CryptoPunk back in August. The finance giant seems to be keen on increasing their involvement in the burgeoning space.

2. The Evolving Forest and Staking

In light of Treeverse and a growing trend in NFTs, tree NFTs w play to earn mechanics are getting increasingly hot. The Evolving Forest is building on this kind of hype, and incorporates staking into their plan. If you're not familiar, staking is essentially putting your asset in a liquidity pool in order to earn passive income. In this case, the holder earns tokens made by the collection for each NFT you have in the pool.

The mint for Evolving Forest took place this morning, and the reveal should be in the next few days. The artwork is visually very interesting and the staking mechanic gives it that extra oomph, so this is definitely a good one to keep on your radar.

3. MekaVerse Reveal

The MekaVerse reveal finally went down today, sending the secondary market soaring and seeing some of the kinds of offers/sales we had anticipated in the lead up to the project's launch. The floor dropped to 3 ETH (down from a peak of 6-7 ETH) following the reveal, which is natural for most projects like this. There have been numerous sales in the 30-50 ETH range already, with one whopping offer for 200 ETH.

It will be interesting to see if the residual hype from the project's lengthy run up can lead to a sustained high-volume marketplace, but for now at least, it seems as though MekaVerse is here to stay.

Other cool stuff:

The text-based project, NFT affirmations, is minting tomorrow. It's a quirky project aesthetically, and considering the impact of other text-based collections, it's definitely something to watch.

Check their website for more info.

The artist behind Singularity, one of the most popular Art Blocks Curated drops, has started teasing a new collection.

It's unclear right now if this project will be included in an Art Blocks Curated, but considering Hideki's success so far, it's worth watching.

Finally, Parallel has started teasing out some new info regarding their next drop. If you're a fan of the game or looking to get involved, now is probably a solid time.

That's all for today folks. If you find anything cool, hit ONE37pm up on our NFT-dedicated twitter at NFT137.

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