October 28th's NF3 Recap: Disney NFT, McDonald’s McRib NFT, and Beeple’s Drop

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The NFT community brought us some big news today! Disney and Veve team up to launch their own line of digital collectibles. Also, McDonald's celebrates the McRib’s 40th anniversary by releasing a McRib NFT in honor of their famed sandwich. Furthermore, Beeple announced that he is dropping his own real-life sculpture at Christie’s auction house in November. 

Hang with us while we explore all of this, plus more, in today’s NF3 Recap.

1. Disney partners with Veve to launch their own series of NFTs

Disney and Veve are teaming up in celebration of the first annual Disney+ Day to create a line of Disney digital collectibles. The “Golden Moments” collectibles will be offered to fans and collectors as a way for them to interact with digital golden statues of their favorite characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more.

You can expect the “Golden Moments” NFT collectibles to drop on Veve, leading up to the first Disney+ Day, on November 12th. Get this, every customer who purchases an NFT from the “Golden Moments” collection will also receive three months of Disney+, covered by Veve.

Collectors who are lucky enough to purchase the Ultra Rare NFT which drops on Disney+ Day will receive 12 months of Disney+.

One thing that is very important to note is that the Disney+ subscription eligibility is only valid in select markets. Additionally, the Disney+ offer is only valid for new and returning Disney+ members. The Disney+ subscription can not be traded or sold, with or without the NFT.

If you are a fan of any of Disney’s work, this may be a good NFT project to look into.

2. McDonalds McRib NFT is fresh off the blockchain

The McRib is back and it’s looking tastier than ever! In celebration of the McRib’s 40th anniversary, McDonald's decided to do a proper 2021 drop, handing out their very own digital McRib NFTs. Limited edition NFTs featuring the McRib will be given away to select fans on November 1st, right in time for the physical McRib to hit participating chains across the nation.

If you want to enter for your chance to win a McRib NFT, you will need to be following McDonald's on Twitter in order to retweet the Sweepstakes Invitation between Nov. 1 through Nov. 7 from your public profile. Ten lucky winners will be chosen by Nov. 12 to receive this digital delectable. If you don’t win, don’t feel too bad. At least you can still get the physical sandwich at a McDonald's near you.

3. Beeple prepares to auction off his real life sculpture

Gather up all the loose change in your couch, because Beeple is returning to Christie’s auction house on Nov. 9, but this time offering a physical sculpture that is also available as an NFT. 

Beeple’s sculpture, titled “HUMAN ONE” is not just a sculpture. In fact, I’m positive it’s the first of its kind. HUMAN ONE is approximately the size of a phone booth and features an LED screen on each side. The screens loop animated footage of an astronaut wandering through various landscapes, while the sculpture itself rotates, ensuring the human never leaves the frame.

The craziest thing about Beeple’s “HUMAN ONE” sculpture is that Beeple plans to update what is displayed on the LED screens, over time, remotely from the blockchain.

To me, this is a superb example of how artists can make their artwork more personal, even after selling the original art piece. Beeple’s sculpture is expected to bring in more than $15M in the upcoming Christie’s auction. Stay tuned!

Other cool stuff

There is so much to cover amongst the NFT community, I wish I could cover it all. For now, I want to share with you some other news that’s making noise across the NFT community.

Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta. That’s right, now your grandma will be calling her favorite app Meta. In addition to the name change, Meta announced that the company’s metaverse will support NFTs. This support will allow Meta users to store their digital collectibles in their virtual spaces and resell them to others safely and securely, thanks to blockchain technology.

I’m curious to see how Meta will differentiate itself from the other metaverses such as Decentraland and the up-and-coming Somnium Space. We will continue to cover updates on Meta as soon as more information becomes available.

Thank you for joining us today for our NF3 Recap! Come and hang out with members of the ONE37pm team daily, in our Discord. Until next time!

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