Discussing the Environmental Impact of NFTs and Blockchain Tech

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On this week’s episode of Huh?, Tyler Schmitt speaks with Sillytuna, a longtime crypto/NFT enthusiast who pretty much understands the space better than anyone. Their conversation, keeping in step with the wider discussion culturally right now, is focused on the environmental impact of NFTs. “The environmental impact of NFTs” is actually a bit of a misnomer, as Tuna makes very clear during the conversation. There are certainly environmental impacts created by Ethereum, the primary blockchain technology used for minting NFTs, but the process of minting itself absolutely does not have an independent negative effect on the environment.

Sillytuna begins: “We work in an area that is immensely complicated with a lot of nuance.” In the discussion of the impact of NFTs, a lot of that nuance has been lost. Speaking on the blanket statement that NFTs are “bad” for the environment, Sillytuna says: “It is actually true… to an extent. The problem is, there’s a lot of detail to that. And it’s quite hard to understand that detail unless you’re prepared to sit and listen to it.” The conversation moves on to how, so often, the responsibility for mitigating climate change falls on the consumer, when the consumer really contributes a miniscule fraction of pollution. “The vast majority of the pollution is done by large corporations, manufacturing, governments not dealing with plastic recycling properly or allowing too much plastic to be manufactured. Corporations have worked very hard to make sure that consumers take the blame,” he says. 

Sillytuna covered a lot of what’s discussed in this episode in this tweet thread of his:

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