Nyla Hayes is Cadillac's New Rising Icon

In honor of Black Music Month, Cadillac is uplifting Black artists.

Hannah Scherwatzky / Nyla Hayes / Cadillac

In honor of Black Music Month, Cadillac has rolled out its "Black Future" campaign, featuring artists Killer Mike and Nyla Hayes.

Award-winning Artist and rapper Killer Mike is 1/2 of popular hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, also known by the initials, RTJ.

His collaboration with Cadillac aims to uplift the Black community and feature rising NFT visual artists.

Nyla Hayes is a 13-year-old artist behind Long Neckie Ladies, the first female-led PFP project (released the same day as World of Women). Hayes made history as TIME Magazine’s 1st NFT Artist in Residence and has been featured on CNN, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider,, Black Enterprise, AfroTech, and several other channels.

With her genesis NFT collection currently worth $3.4 million and a recent launch of her second collection, Long Neckie Kids, Nyla continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the web3 space.

As one of the NFT artists and "Rising Stars" featured by Cadillac,
Nyla Hayes created an exclusive limited drop, limited edition Black Future Long Neckie NFT for the collaboration.

Auctioned on OpenSea, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Save The Music Foundation. Bidding ends on August 17.

Nyla chose the name “Adira” for this amazing 1/1 collaborative piece.

"Adira is strong, noble, and powerful and represents the Black Woman SUPERHERO 🦸🏽‍♀️ who drives the change needed in the Metaverse," Nyla said. "Several of Cadillac’s brand components are noticeable in the art."

Some synergies Nyla's art has with the Cadillac brand include a confident, bold and powerful presence accompanied by a luxurious style and electrifying energy.

Profits from the “Black Future” campaign will go to Save The Music Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on rebuilding music education in America’s public schools as well as raising awareness of the impact it has on children.

On Cadillac's website, the company expressed that this campaign is "not a symbolic gesture" but an "ongoing commitment to operate in service to the underrepresented communities."

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