How To Prevent Burnout In Web3

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At VeeCon 2022, Gary Vee challenged us to be our best selves, react compassionately and stay connected with friends we met at the event. So how do we do that, not tomorrow, but in the words of Snoop Dogg, “Today?” This article suggests ways to continue the positive momentum we started at this year’s crypto conferences. 

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Whether you've just come back from NFTNYC, Veecon, Consensus, or just spend an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter and Discord, here are some tips to not burn out in web3.

Practice Gratitude

In his most recent book "Twelve and a Half," Gary Vaynerchuk lists 12.5 ingredients which have been key to his success. The first ingredient, "THE BUTTER" which makes every moment that much more savory, is called Gratitude.

Gratitude for money and possessions is cool and all, but we need to go deeper. There’s always someone with a bigger boat, flashier chain or newer model Kia Sedona. You can’t win.

He challenged us to set a positive tone wherever we go. But we get tested, mistakes are made and we dwell on it. 

How to snap out of it and show gratitude:

Spontaneously bad situation? Take a deep breath and mellow out for a second.

Someone screws up? You can probably remember a time when you did something similar.

Interrupted in the middle of something important? Knock out the task if it takes under 2 minutes and keep rocking it.

Nurture Your Network And Build a Squad

The fog that a person experiences after conferences, gallery shows and meetups is real. You networked your butt off and now you’re hibernating like a gracious grizzly and manifesting good things to come. You met so many awesome people it’s hard to keep track of them all, and you fear they may not even remember you. Be brave! Take the time to reconnect and share something you connected on.

Many executives have accountability partners and hold regular, formal conversations around various personal and business goals. If you were introduced to someone you admire at an NFT event, ask them to meet for a few sessions to share encouragement and some valuable outside perspective. 

Learn to say "No"

When you’re good at something, everybody wants you. It’s a great problem to have, but it can lead to becoming overwhelmed and burned out. Sometimes you just have to say no. From work obligations to parties, you tend to say yes so many times that you overbook your calendars. Sometimes you just want to curl up, ghost everyone and eat desserts. 

You go from an all-star to incognito. Because you can’t say no.

Saying no is an art. 

Say no, keep things simple and focus your energy on your priorities, and then rest. 

Examples of saying no:

I appreciate the offer, but I can’t commit to this right now.

I’m going to turn in early tonight. Big day tomorrow.

Your project looks great. Not jumping into anything new right now. 

But what about saying no to yourself?

From aping into a new collectible on a whim to taking a third cheat day from your diet plan, self control isn’t getting easier. 

Meditation, yoga and mindfulness help us tune in to our bodies and understand what is stressing is out. You can literally just sit down comfortably, close your eyes, breathe and listen to yourself. If you don’t do this regularly, give it a shot. Even 5 minutes in silence can help you calm your head and catch your breath.

But if we can’t relax, it’s not enough. Sometimes a lack of generous sleep is driving most of our perceived problems. Yes, that crisis you’re going through could literally just come down to drinking more water and sleeping at a reasonable hour.

Get Enough Sleep

People used to go to bed early because the sun set, sending them the clear message to calm the heck down and rest. Carrying around a fireball on a stick is a lot of work and the movies make it look way too easy. Blue light from electronics can trick our bodies into trying too hard. 

Luckily, most personal devices have settings to help you wind down:

Microsoft’s Nightlight settings are included in Windows 10 & 11. Android has similar features, including a sunset to sunrise setting. Apple’s Night Shift also offers comparable customizations.

Studies indicate that sleep deprivation “significantly increases the tendency of reward sensitivity, risk taking and impulsivity.”  The same study shows that brain chemistry worsens without sleep, causing a buildup of neurotoxins which enhance negative emotions. 

You’re more likely to ape into a rugged project, get hacked, or be miserable when you don't get enough sleep.

Can’t fall asleep? 

Step 1: Lie down before 10pm with the lights off.

Step 2: Add 10 minutes of wellness every morning: direct sunlight, stretching, or light cardio. 

Step 3: Eat a well balanced breakfast and don’t overeat after dinnertime.

Step 4: Cut back on caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Incorporate Physical Exercise Into Your Routine

One of the most memorable memes coming out of VeeCon 2022 was "Leg Day," referring to how the many stairs and opportunities for walking made everyone’s calves "thicc."

By choosing U.S. Bank Stadium for the venue, the Veecon team gave us the perfect boost towards achieving that beach body we’ve always dreamed of. If the conference was your first leg workout in a while, rest up and then get back to it. Staying healthy is key to avoiding burnout.

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