First Look: RTFKT Launches Fully Phygital Fashion Collection With Nike, Takashi Murakami

The mint will be live August 31 at 11 a.m. CET

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Taking its iconic Forging Mechanic to the next level, RTFKT has created 10 token gated Fashion Collections accessible to its Clone X Avatars collectors, allowing them to unlock NFT wearables and Forge Premium Physical items, from hoodies to jackets to t-shirts and sneakers.

The Forging Mechanic allows holders to redeem exclusive physical items from NFT collectibles. Clone X Forging allows Clone X holders to unlock full Looks from their Avatars, making it the first fully phygital collection released by the innovative brand.

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The digital craftsmanship of RTFKT paired with Nike’s manufacturing expertise enables Clone X Forging to pave the way for a phygital future, opening new interconnectivity and unlocks between digital and physical identity for RTFKT’s Clone X Community. 

"Clone X Forging is a major step towards our vision for the future of fashion," said Zaptio, Co Founder of RTFKT. "From tiered token gated access, to Digital + Physical wearables embedded with upgradeable NFC technology. Merging both digital and physical worlds. 

Minting will be open from 31st of August to 7th September.

The Forging Event will be live for 1 week allowing collectors to forge their physical items from Sept 7th till Sept 14th.

Here's a look at some of the designs for the upcoming mint happening on August 31 at 11 a.m. CET/ ET on



  • RTFKT created 10 unique Token Gated collections 
    • 1 for each Clone X DNA ( Human, Robots, Demons, Angels, Reptile, Undead, Murakami, Alien) 
    • 1 For Murakami Drip Clone Holders 
    • 1 collection open to all Clones, the Genesis collection, featuring the Clone X Smart Contract

Collectors can mint up to 2 items from the DNA collections. 

Clone X Genesis Collection 

Limited edition made for all Clones, inspired by Clone X iconic visuals and Clone X Smart Contract. 

The Clone X Genesis Collection is limited to 1 Mint per Item. 

All Clones get to Mint and Forge the Genesis T-shirt for Free. 

RTFKT x Takashi Murakami

RTFKT continues its iconic collaboration with Takashi Murakami, and have created 2 collection with their favourite artist, the Murakami DNA and Murakami Drip Collection. These feature exclusive apparel and RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers for the very first time. 

Murakami Drip
09 MURAKAMIDRIP Footwear Closeups4 1 1
07 MURAKAMIDNA Footwear Closeups


10 RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1, rocking the Swoosh and the Blade, imagined by RTFKT are available to Mint as part of the release. Each Sneaker have been designed to match the Clone X DNA, with for example the Alien Sneaker only available to up to 30 unique holders at Mint. 

Please note that the physical Sneakers are not Forgeable during this forging event. 

air force 1 alien
Alien AF1 / RTFKT
air force 1 genesis 1
Demon AF1 / RTFKT
air force 1 angel
Angel AF1 / RTFKT
Undead af1
Undead AF1 / RTFKT
air force 1 robot
Robot AF1 / RTFKT
air force 1 human
Human Af1 / RTFKT

"With this first Clone X Forging collection, we created bold, high end street wear brands for our collectors to form tribes for both digital and physical use and to stand out and connect with each other," said Toby Evans, Visual Design Director.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

All Forgeable items with the exception of Socks and Caps are equipped with NFC tags, allowing owners to link their physical to their NFT. This allows for new possibilities and unlocks in the future such as new items to mint or token gated physical events. 

Minting is only Accessible to Clone Owners (Token Gated) and specific collections are only accessible via owning the matching Clone x Avatar DNA/attribute NFT.

Angel DNA 1
Demon DNA
Alien DNA
Human DNA
CloneX General Release
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