RTFKT and FEWOCiOUS Are Back At It, Pushing the Envelope with NFT Drops

fewo x rtfkt mobile

If you've been keeping up with digital art NFTs at all, then it's likely you know the name RTFKT. The next-gen studio has released some of the sickest pieces of digital art in the past few months, but more than that, they've constantly tinkered with mechanics of releasing, making every single drop a unique experience. Their previous Among Drip collection was released in a loot box style and, before that, their sneaker drop with FEWOCiOUS gave collectors the opportunity to actually get a physical shoe as well.

Well they're back at it again, this time with FEWO WORLD's 1st Forging Event. Taking place today, April 10th at 10am PST, the event offers an opportunity for owners of the FEWO SHOES to cash in on even more bonuses, like physical shoes and this incredible ledger. This collab is a game-changer again; although new NFTs drop every day, by including physical assets and other opportunities for collector interaction, RFTKT has created a living, ongoing art piece.

rtfkt x fewo 0000 forge fewo

If you were lucky enough to nab one of the FEWO SHOES, then make sure to attend today's event to grab some more gear from the killer studio and burgeoning digital artist. FEWO WORLD is focused on merging virtual and physical craftsmanship, providing collectors with dope physical assets and upgrades thanks to their BLUEPRINT NFTs. The first event will include:

  • The physical shoes and a premium full print box full of FEWO artworks.
  • Custom Limited Edition Ledgers Crypto Hardwallets
  • Premium Limited edition stickers
  • Tie Dye and Long Sleeve Tees
  • Decentraland Wearables sneakers
  • And more…

This is just the first of many forgiving events that will take place throughout the year, with RTFKT using different themes and innovating the mechanics each time. Take a look at the ledger and sneakers available to FEWO SHOES holders below, and make sure to check their website for more info on all the items:

rtfkt x fewo 0001 RARE
rtfkt x fewo 0002 Story Engraved
FEWO x RTFKT Sneakers
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