How to Set Up Your POAP App and Claim Your First POAP

Install POAP app
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What if you received a badge that proved your attendance every time you went to your favorite concert, conference, class, or event. That would be a lot of badges, but what if those badges were digital and verifiable? Now they are, they’re called a POAP. So, how can you start claiming POAPs?

To claim a POAP, first install and set up the POAP mobile app:

  1. Download the POAP app: iOS, Android
  2. Log in to the POAP app: (Enter your ENS name, ETH address, or email address in the empty box to begin building your collection.)
  3. Proceed with claiming your POAP: (secret word, scan QR, enter code, or claim via direct link.)

If you don't have a MetaMask wallet and would like to set one up, check out our step-by-step guide here.

What is POAP?

POAPs, aka Proof of Attendance Protocol, are ERC-721 tokens that are used to give attendees of both virtual and IRL events a way to prove their record and life experiences and are supported by a cryptographic record.

Technically, a POAP is an NFT that is minted on the xDai blockchain—an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) sidechain—and is free to mint and collect. POAP was originally created for the ETHDenver convention in 2019 to reward attendees for their support.

You are able to create and collect POAPs for both virtual and real-life events. In order for an NFT to qualify as a POAP, it must have originated from POAP’s official smart contract. A POAP generally has either an image or GIF, as well as the metadata for the event.

How to install and set up the POAP mobile app

How to install POAP
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To claim your own POAP, you are going to need to download the POAP mobile app. Don’t worry, it’s extremely simple.

  1. Download the POAP app: First download and install the POAP mobile app. The POAP app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Login into the POAP app: To login into the app, you will need to enter either your ENS name, ETH address or email address. Once you enter your preferred method, tap Set as main account.
How to collect a POAP 2
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You can always log out of your account as well and any POAPs that you have collected will be saved to your account. To log out of your POAP account, go to Settings and choose Forget account.

Downloading the POAP app and setting up your account is really that simple. Now you’re ready to start collecting your very own POAPs!

How to claim a POAP

How to collect a POAP 3
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To claim a POAP, login to the POAP app and select the Mint button. From there, you will either input the Secret word, Scan QR, or Enter code. One other option for claiming a POAP is by having a direct link sent to you in which you would simply go to that link and enter your ENS name, ETH address, or email address to claim.

What you are actually doing when you claim a POAP is minting an NFT. That is one of the greatest things about POAPs, you are minting an NFT and it costs you absolutely nothing! No purchase necessary and no gas fees. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Keep in mind that if you claim a POAP using your email address, it won’t be minted immediately. Using your email address will reserve it for you to claim at a later time using your ENS name or Ethereum address. 

When you decide to claim it, go to POAP Scan and enter your email. After entering your email, you will see your POAPs. Click on one and then click the Claim POAP button. You will then receive an email with a link that allows you to input your Ethereum address and claim all of your pending POAPs.

Viewing your POAP collection

There are several methods for browsing your POAP collection. On your computer, you can go to POAP Scan and enter your ENS name or Ethereum address. If you are on mobile, you can use the POAP App on iOS, Android or use the MetaMask mobile app. To see your POAPs on the MetaMask app, follow this guide created by the POAP team.

If you want to collect your own NFT or simply keep track of your life's events, POAPs are a free and easy way to achieve this without a huge learning curve like collecting traditional NFTs.

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