Snoop Dogg Drops Exclusive $APE Mixtape

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Getty Images / G Tucker (ONE37pm)

Rapper and Death Row label owner Snoop Dogg has been finding his way to headlines consistently since his Super Bowl performance in February. Snoop's latest drop is yet another example of his innovative approach towards Hip-Hop and the modern world. 

Snoop’s newest mixtape features four songs: “FOOLIN YASELF”, “THA GREAT”, “MY APE”, and “DOCK THE YACHT”. The first track sold for 20 $APE, while the rest sold for 15 $APE. Only $APE holders have access to the primary release, while a secondary release took place on OpenSea. All four Ape-based songs sold out, which has only continued to fuel the fire for Snoop’s crypto presence. 

Snoop recently made headlines for his acquisition of Death Row Records, followed by his announcement of making the label the first NFT label. In the time since, he keeps proving how serious he is about the concept through demonstrated action. There’s no better way to get your point across to people than actually showing them. Snoop is making history with his latest drops and is showing no signs of slowing down.

In addition to his own NFT tape drop, Snoop dropped another eight-track mixtape with Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. It seems clear that this format of release must be working well for Snoop, especially since he doubled down so quickly after his own rollout.

Music has always been something to look forward to in our culture. Snoop Dogg is actively showing his massive following what else they have to look forward to, and it’s so interesting to watch. He’s always had a graceful approach with his career, but as of late, he’s been especially on point. While other artists are getting acquainted with the new crypto environment, Snoop is pressing go on memorable music-based NFT projects. 

The music and crypto worlds are watching closely to see what Snoop Dogg’s next move is. Snoop is proving that “falling off” is no concern of his; it’s all about building for this west coast superstar. Take some time today to check out this groundbreaking drop for yourself.

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