The Music NFT Blueprints: SpottieWifi and Bun B

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Spottie Wifi

Thinking back to the early days of the NFT revolution, I can reference March of this year when I found myself on a three-way call with Estevan Oriol (L.A. Originals, Joker Records, Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins), and The Trill OG himself, Bun B of U.G.K.  During the call, I did my best to explain how the NFT world had changed my life and how it would change society.   

Fast forward eight months, and I am happy to see that Bun B has a collab track, “All Time High” out as an NFT with the world famous CryptoPunk (#5528) ‘SpottieWifi’. I was immediately interested in speaking with Spottie about the project, and to get an understanding of his views on success thus far in the Music NFT space.

SpottieWifi, also known as Miguel Mora, has been a musician all of his life. Similar to the late Pimp C, he grew up playing piano and singing in church, developing his core musician skills during weekly practices and services. As a football player in high school, Miguel found himself always freestyling in his spare time, and honed his craft by diligently carrying a notebook full of rhymes that would form the core elements of his early art. Following this, Spottie toured as the front man in several successful bands, but eventually found himself walking away from his musical performance career. Prior to NFTs, the music industry was a massive entity, requiring many moving parts and coordinated efforts in order to achieve a large following and financial stability. His passion for the art was one of deep commitment, but the realities of earning a sustainable income as a musician made it difficult for his art to bear the fruits from his labor.  

In January of this year, Miguel started studying NBA Top Shot drops, and from there he decided to put all his eggs into one basket and purchase CryptoPunk (#5528). At the time, less than 200 of the 10,000 CryptoPunks had dots on their faces, undervalued because not many liked the dots. But Miguel had a vision, and what has occurred over the past six months has changed his life forever.

Following the purchase, he immediately networked with the Punks community and made it known that he was a musician by producing the CryptoPunks theme song. The Punks community was enthusiastic, and Spottie claimed the mantle as the first CryptoPunk rapper. He released a few singles over the spring and summer while developing a plan for the Spottie genesis token that dropped this past August. 2000 of them were made available for .03 ETH (valued at $96 USD at the time). They sold out within one minute, profiting $192k+. His next mission was to produce further collabs and features with other artists. Through his already established extensive network, Spottie connected with Bun B to create a new music NFT project with expanded offerings. 

The track “All Time High” is the first track off of the SpottieWifi album that is dropping over the course of 2022. Three main versions of this track are included: 8-bit edition, a rap edition, and an orchestral edition. There will be five album tracks total with 2000 mintings available for each track. His producer then took the stems from all three tracks to create a total of 27 different versions of “All Time High.”  The track artwork features a custom SpottieWifi X Bun B digital design with 27 different versions as well. 

SpottieWifi and Bun B are now fresh off of their massive plays down in Miami during Art Basel. Headlining back-to-back parties, they were featured at Miami Gutter Gang hosted by Nicky Diamonds’ Diamond Supply Co. and Gutter Cat Gang, as well as the massive Probably Nothing Party, presented by Coinbase and ONE37pm (hosted by Gary Vee) which featured music from Marshmello, The Whooligan, and many others. 

On the night of those shows I went ahead and dropped the .05 ETH to secure my own NFT of this groundbreaking collaboration.  The video will be dropping soon, featuring cameos from both the CryptoPunks and BAYC communities, along with some other surprises that are sure to see SpottieWifi’s vision reach yet another ‘all time high.' And we’re here along for the ride. There are so many of these incredible stories taking place all over the world right now. NFT technology is quickly evolving the world through the storytelling of time-stamped activities recorded onto the blockchain as a digital receipt of transactional experiences, and we’re on a mission to help everyone dial in their own version of the NFT blueprint.

Finally, today Spottie has teamed up with ONE37pm to launch a POAP for the 25 Days of POAP Program. We'll be hosting a Twitter Space at 3pm EST, so hop in to learn more about Spottie and Bun B's journey and the POAP of the day.

If you have had an amazing experience occur within the Music NFT space (or even a huge failure), reach out to us and let’s continue to nurture each other while elevating through this digital renaissance era!

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