NFT Ghost Stories: Meet Anton Zueqsav and “The Lucky Phantom Bunch”

The Lucky Phantom Bunch / Anton Zueqsav

The past six weeks for Anton Zueqsav have been filled with discovery, fulfillment and the realization of serendipity. Over that time period, Zueqsav, a Guatemalan artist and architect by trade, has become the creator and owner of a sought-after NFT collection known as “The Lucky Phantom Bunch.” 

According to Anton, he’s never been able to showcase his full creativity until now. Tyler Schmitt, host of ONE37pm’s podcast Huh!? got to sit down with Zueqsav and dive into his story of creative evolution.

When asked how he transitioned from architecture to creating and selling digital art, Anton shared an important interaction he had with a friend.

“Before coming to Madrid, a friend of mine got me into cryptocurrency. I ended up investing a really small amount in Ethereum. Then I forgot about it. A few months later, I’m reading an article about NFT’s and I’m like, are people creating art and selling it with cryptocurrency? Why am I not getting into this? That’s when I connected the dots.”

Anton’s newfound knowledge allowed him to test the waters and create his first group of digital assets. While he fancied his work, he knew he could do better.

“My first project name was Meteorite, because I was planning on doing crystal, geometric pieces. They were cool, they were ok, but there wasn’t any emotion, it was just like seeing some pieces of metal.”

In need of a spark, Zueqsav came up with an idea that he would turn into a brand new collection.

“The Lucky Phantoms idea came from a small chat with a friend. He has this lucky object. The concept of that is something I really liked. So I said, we need something that evokes emotion, something people can connect with.”

When asked why he liked the idea of creating ghosts, Anton had a simple, yet serendipitous response. 

“Sometimes you just have that connection with something. “ 

So far, Zueqsav has created 28 assets that belong in “The Lucky Phantom Bunch.” Each asset has a set of characteristics attributed to it that makes it unique. 

When asked which one is his favorite, Anton didn’t hesitate.

The green and yellow phantom with lightning going through it. Those days that you feel like something good is going to happen, that’s what inspired that one. That’s what I wanted to demonstrate.” 

Now an established creator in the NFT world, Anton plans to take his work to the next level, while aiding other creators in the process.

“Before this past weekend [when his work really took off in the NFT community] I’ve always had this idea of creating a gallery, I call it the Artist Lounge. It’s to exhibit other artists' work. I think that every day that passes, an artist is not getting the notice they deserve. That’s something that I struggled with at first, getting the work out there, so if I can help with that in any way, I want to.” 

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