NFT Project 'Exhibition 4444' Blurs Fashion's Physical and Digital Realms

exhibition4444 mobile

One of the coolest things about the burgeoning NFT space is how it allows creators to blur the lines between digital and physical art projects. Exhibition 4444 is one such project, which—by including a physical aspect to the digital rendering—masterfully invokes two worlds: digital art and fashion.

The multi-dimensional project was created by designer 4x1111, 3D artist Tropicalratchet, digital artist Starpressure and curator/director of photography CNNNR. CNNNR told ONE37pm that the goal of the effort was "to curate a unique NFT experience, combining the precedent and quality set forth by 4x1111's craft and highly attentive-to-detail mentality in the fashion industry to our matched aesthetic in the virtual world."

What makes the project so interesting is how buyers have an opportunity to potentially receive a physical jacket. In their description of the project, the team noted: "Not only are collectors set to bid on a digital collectible exhibition, but the one collector to hold the piece for 4 consecutive weeks will receive the physical, handmade Jacquard Woven Knit Tapestry Jacket, modeled down to the exact threading and stitch patterns, indistinguishable from the virtual garment."

All 4 of the artist involved have a background in fashion, which is part of why the project was able to come together in such a unified, cohesive way. The only member of the collective without a professional fashion background is CNNNR, but the team cheekily noted that: "Connor, well, he just be dressin'." What is fashion about if it's not about drip?

The project is launching on Foundation tomorrow; the digital art is tied to a verifiable token existing on the Ethereum blockchain, and the physical garment defines a new form of hybrid collectible. For more info on the project, check this link. And for a look back in history, take a look at CNNNR's previous piece for ONE37pm on his genesis in the NFT space.

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