Top 5 VeeFriends Sales of All Time

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VeeFriends is an NFT project created by entrepreneur and web3 innovator Gary Vaynerchuk, built around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community.

Although VeeFriends is considered to be a more recent NFT project having launched May 11, 2021, Gary has already provided phenomenal value to collectors in a number of ways.

All VeeFriends NFT holders gain access to Veecon—a three-year mega-conference featuring a superb lineup of the most knowledgeable speakers in the web3 space, as well as performances by numerous up-and-coming artists.

Moreover, Gary has created value through other means such as auctioning off five of his original VeeFriend’s illustrations at Christie’s Auction House on October 1, 2021.

Tremendous Tiger, Gratitude Gorilla, Empathetic Elephant, “Diamond Hands” Hen, and “You’re Gonna Die” Fly sold for a combined $1.2 million at auction, further adding value to the VeeFriends NFT collection and name.

As the collection sits today, VeeFriends NFTs have experienced some impressive secondary sales since its original drop in May. That being said, we thought it’d be fun to break down the top five VeeFriends sales of all time.

Here are the top five VeeFriends sales of all time according to

1. Empathy Elephant (130 WETH, $503,672)

Empathy Elephant
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The top VeeFriends sale should come as no surprise to those who pay close attention to the VeeFriend collection. A Gary Originally Owned (G.O.O.) Spectacular Gold edition Empathy Elephant sold for an outstanding 130 WETH ($503,672) on January 4, 2022.

This sale was likely the result of a series of events that added further value to the Empathy Elephant character specifically. Not only did the original drawing of Empathy Elephant sell for $412,500 at Christie’s Auction, but Gary also announced a collaboration with Empathy Wines on November 26, 2021, to create an exclusive premium wine—the 2019 Empathy Elephant Cabernet Sauvignon.

I believe this combination of value adders, plus the rarity of the G.O.O. one-of-one NFT has a lot to do with the sale price of this particular VeeFriend NFT.

2. Alert Ape (105 WETH, $326,787)

Alert Ape
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Second, on the list is a G.O.O. Spectacular Diamond edition Alert Ape. The Spectacular Diamond is another one-of-one NFT that’s featured in the VeeFriend NFT collection. This specific Alert Ape is extra special, however, considering it’s a G.O.O.

This rare Alert Ape NFT was purchased on August 8, 2021, directly from Gary Vee for 105 WETH ($326,787) to an OpenSea profile with the name WuTangClan.

I can’t confirm if this is the real Wu-Tang Clan, but a look at the profile’s purchase history shows that the account had also purchased another Spectacular Gold Alert Ape, for 55.555 ETH, and has recently transferred it to another wallet.

3. Adaptable Alien (100 WETH, $308,857)

Adaptable Alien
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Following closely behind the second-largest VeeFriends sale is a G.O.O. Spectacular Lava edition Adaptable Alien NFT. A quick look at the transaction history on Etherscan reveals that this NFT was purchased on the same day as the Alert Ape, and only an hour before. 

This Adaptable Alien was purchased for 100 WETH ($308,857) by you guessed it, the WuTangClan Opensea profile, and directly from Gary Vee’s personal wallet.

4. Courtside Cat (100 WETH, $282,137)

Courtside Cat
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Although this VeeFriend was sold for the same 100 WETH price as the Adaptable Alien, the value of ETH at the time of purchase was lower, landing this one-of-one Courtside Cat VeeFriend at the number four spot on the list.

The Courtside Cat is a bit different compared to the three previous VeeFriends on our top five list for a few reasons. First off, it’s not a G.O.O. NFT, meaning that it was originally owned by Gary, but was minted by J1mmy.ETH for 17.21 ETH on May 12, 2021, the first day after the initial VeeFriends drop.

The second reason is that it’s not a Spectacular edition, however, it’s still a one-of-one. ​​The holder of this NFT is actually invited to attend one New York Knicks game per year for three years, and sit courtside with Gary Vaynerchuk. That’s why it’s called an access token, and likely the reason for such a significant sale price of 100 ETH ($282,137) to its current holder Seedphrase.eth.

5. Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik (90 WETH, $290,450)

Thoughful Three Horned Harpik
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Last on our list but certainly not least is the Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik VeeFriend that sold for 90 WETH ($290,450) on January 11, 2022.

This NFT was originally minted for 3 ETH on May 14, 2021. Since then, it was transferred to the original collector’s vault and then sold for 90 WETH ($290,450) on January 13, 2022, to the one and only Logan Paul

Logan celebrated his purchase by posting it to his personal Twitter account that same day where the post stirred up quite a bit of controversy over why he spent so much on a “JPEG”.

Final thoughts

These top five VeeFriends NFT sales are just a glimpse of what’s to come for the VeeFriends brand and all its original NFT collectors.

Gary aims to spend the rest of his life building the VeeFriends brand to ensure that all original holders will gain the most value from supporting Gary’s vision to create one of the most desirable and respected intellectual properties to ever exist.

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