Venice Music Shows Artists and Their Teams How to Properly Build

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PATIENCE. This is the word I wrote in all capital letters as I listened to one of Troy Carter and Suzy Ryoo's many insightful answers during our recent interview.

In recent years, it's seemed as if the virtue of patience has been non-existent in the realm of artist services and record labels. I was caught off guard hearing this response from the duo, as it's become such a foreign concept in the music business.

Troy and Suzy's Venice Music is showing how patience and other deliberate approaches can serve artists and their teams in the long run.

An Intro to Venice Music

If you were to look up either of the Venice Music founders on Google, you'd quickly realize just how much relevant experience they have in the intersection of tech and music.

Troy Carter's experience dates back to his early days in Philadelphia, serving an administrative role on the teams of industry greats like Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Diddy. From there, he gradually built up his management prowess working with artists like Eve, Lady Gaga, Nelly, and other household names. After his successful run with managing artists, Troy was asked by Spotify to become their Head of Creator Services. He served that role until 2018, when he would double-down on his music and tech investments, and co-found Q+A with Suzy.

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Suzy Ryoo has an impressive background of her own. After a strong start in the finance world, she took an objective look at what she wanted to do in life, and soon found herself working with Troy. Together, they hustled to build Atom Factory, one of the leading management companies in the industry. Once Troy returned from Spotify, he and Suzy's music-tech company Q+A would get its start, and begin picking up steam. Q+A has gone on to introduce successful ventures like Human ReSources (sold to Sony Music Entertainment in early 2021) and Venice Music.

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Even though this may seem like an overwhelming amount of experience from the two of them, we've barely scratched the surface.

What is Venice Music?

You're probably wondering just what Venice Music is, and why Troy and Suzy have made it their top priority in the world of music.

Venice Music is a growing community founded upon the ideals of supporting artists and spreading valuable knowledge and resources. The founders have found a way to effectively share their vast knowledge and unparalleled access to resources amongst the community. Artists and other creatives can gain access through purchasing Venice's NFT for 0.25 ETH, which roughly equates to $375 USD. They'll have to pass an application process as well, in order to become a member.

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Venice Music

It's an ambitious concept, but it is absolutely possible with these two innovative minds behind it. It's become commonplace for artists to be over-promised and underserved regarding the growth of their career, so this may sound familiar, but it is very different.

Venice Music is a genuine advocate for artists and the proper nourishment of their development. Troy and Suzy are making growth inevitable for the members of their community, one strategic piece at a time. Take a look at our interview and Twitter Spaces with Venice Music below to learn even more.

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