What is Oncyber?

3D experiences to show your NFTs

Hannah Scherwatzky / ONE37pm

There are many ways to show off your NFTs. From shilling them on Twitter, posting pics on Instagram, and some people even use TikTok in an attempt the get more eyes on their NFTs. But what if there was a platform that was made specifically for displaying your NFTs?

Now there is, it’s called Oncyber! is the easiest way for both artists and collectors to display their NFTs in fully immersive 3D experiences, for free. Oncyber welcomes anyone to create their own account, collectors to explore, and architects to apply for a chance to build their own space in the Oncyber.

To display your NFTs, you will first need to connect your Ethereum wallet of choice and then choose your space. There are four types of spaces to choose from:

  • Free
  • Curated
  • Factory
  • Collectibles

The Free spaces are just that, a free space where you can effortlessly display your favorite NFTs. You can give your gallery a title, description, and create a nice banner for it as well.

Now, if you choose either the Curated, Factory, or Collectibles spaces, many of these are designed by select architects and have been minted in limited editions as NFTs, meaning you will have to buy the NFT if you want access to that specific space.

Some of the select architects include RTFTK, Arqui9, and 494Jax to name a few. On top of these special edition spaces for sale, you can actually combine multiple spaces. One example is the ability to combine the RTFKT LOOT pad with the Space Pod, you just have to own both.

Eventually, Oncyber aims to open up its platform for anyone to create their own virtual space. In the meantime, however, if you have experience as a cyber architect and would like the opportunity to curate your own piece of the metaverse on the Oncyber platform, you can fill out the form here

Once you have your own space, it’s literally as simple as connecting your Ethereum wallet of choice, choosing which NFTs you want to showcase, and then sharing your link with the entire world free of charge.

What is Oncyber

The only NFTs that you can display are artworks that you own or created in the past (by clicking created tab in your dashboard's sidebar).

When hanging your NFTs on your space’s wall, you have the ability to size them as large or small as you want, and you can even change the colors of the frames in which your NFTs are in.

Also, if your NFT naturally has sound, you can choose whether or not you want to make the sound audible, and adjust the sound reach. These little touches allow you to personalize your gallery to your liking. 

As well, you can invite a collaborator and share your space with others to curate the ultimate gallery.

The possibilities are truly endless, and the fully-immersive experience allows users to explore your NFT collection like never before via virtual reality or 3D, depending on the users' preference. If someone finds something they like, they can simply go to the listing directly from your gallery and purchase the piece.

There’s no doubt that Oncyber is onto something special with their NFT-focused galleries for both creators and collectors, and surely this innovative platform is set to draw some serious attention.

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