How the Budweiser Royalty NFT Project Uplifts Emerging Musicians

Budweiser Royalty NFT MOBILE

If you love music and you enjoy collecting NFTs, then you don’t want to miss the Budweiser Royalty NFT project. Be a part of music history and support 22 emerging artists as they take on the entertainment world with you as their early supporters. 

What is the Budweiser Royalty NFT project?

The Budweiser Royalty NFT project celebrates 22 promising up-and-coming musicians who will be the music industry's future leaders. This collection contains 11,000 tokens total, with 500 NFTs per artist distributed across three tiers in the form of collectible cards: 

  1. Core (400 tokens each artist) 
  2. Rare (99 tokens per artist)
  3. Ultra Rare (1 token per artist)

These NFTs represent your loyalty to your favorite artist and prove that you were their number one supporter before anyone else. The collection is set to launch Friday, January 21, 2022.

NOTE: In order to participate in the Budweiser Royalty NFT project, you must be 21+ (or legal drinking age).

What utility do these NFTs offer?

When it comes to Budweiser Royalty NFT’s utilities, the three tiers offer something different depending on which tier you decide to collect.

Core Rookie Cards (Red): Owning a Core Rookie Card means that you hold a collectible NFT that represents the artist of your choice.

Rare Rookie Cards (Silver): If you collect a Rare Rookie Card, not only do you hold a rare collectible NFT, but you also get access to a virtual listening party on Discord with the specific artist that you decide to collect.

Ultra Rare Rookie Cards (Gold): The Ultra Rare Rookie card will get you access to the virtual listening party plus a one-on-one video call with the artist themselves.

All NFTs from the Budweiser Royalty collection will be revealed within 48 hours after public mint and each artist will receive 5 NFTs free for their own wallets to keep or give away to fans.

Each NFT may also include opportunities to earn future experiences and rewards.

How much will each NFT cost?

Each mint contains a different NFT collectible representing one of the 22 artists. Budweiser Royalty NFT will cost $499 per NFT, which includes $75 in gas (or the equivalent in local currency).

Each NFT may only be purchased using a credit card, ETH, or BTC through Coinbase Commerce.

Gold Budverse Heritage Can owners will receive one free airdropped Budweiser Royalty NFT for each can they own, as well as first access to the mint.

Holders of Core and Gold Budverse Heritage Cans will be able to redeem one free NFT per can kept and will have first access to the mint. Budweiser is retaining 2% of the proceeds for their own promotions/giveaways and artist pockets.

Who are the artists?

Budweiser will host an epic listening party solely for Rare and Ultra Rare Budweiser Royalty holders on Friday, January 28, 2022. There’s a total of 22 up-and-coming musicians that will be included in the lineup, such as:

  1. Satomaa
  2. Leo Conoza
  3. Sprtyk
  4. Millie Go Lightly
  5. Lil Polo Tee
  6. Farina
  7. T:me
  8. Kablito
  9. Lulú
  10. Lil Benjas
  11. DTheFlyest
  12. Fase Yoda
  13. Lil Keed
  14. Samantha Sánchez
  15. ilham
  16. Lian Faz
  17. Beanz
  18. Paopao
  19. Fresco Trey
  20. Nardean
  21. Blue DeTiger
  22. Immasoul

As you can see, the lineup is quite extensive and features some of the best emerging artists in the entertainment industry today.

I have a crazy affinity for emerging music artists, and I strongly believe this collaboration will bring immense value to both Budweiser and the artists and will unlock unique experiences for their fans.

- Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerNFT

If you want to learn more about the Budweiser Royalty NFT project, make sure to drop into their Discord and follow them on Twitter to receive updates every step of the way.

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