What NFTs Look Like in 5 Years, According to Jack Settleman

Jack Settleman Looks at NFT's in Five Years

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NFTs are pumping. The Crypto market got a resurgence and BTC is back up to above $40,000. 

All of this excitement is great. People are becoming interested and are taking notice of this market. But with that excitement, there are a lot of overreactions occurring.

So let’s look at the next five years. 

Something that has made headlines over the past weeks is Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, giving people from 3rd world countries the opportunity to make money, has made a billion dollars over the last month. It is inspired strongly by the structure and style of Pokémon. You get to collect characters, they get into battles, and have their own attributes. 

But something I have been thinking about a lot is where NFTs are going. And where will they be in 5 years? 

A game like Axie doing a billion dollars is nuts. But five years is so far away. So much can change in that time. While I am in awe of what they have accomplished, the reality is that the graphics are mediocre. And not just that, but the gameplay is mediocre. And when you put it in comparison to what is available on Xbox, Playstation, etc... Even without “trashing” the game, it is a more simple concept. 


I think Cryptopunks are a lock for the future. They were first. And if that isn't enough, the owners of these Cryptopunks are all important figures. 

Larvalabs created them. As the company that is responsible for them, it is possible that they could screw things up to ruin their brand recognition? While I don’t think it is likely, I do think it is possible. 


When looking at the things that TopShot has going for them, there is one thing that stands out among the rest. They are partners with the NBA. A major staple in world culture. That feels like it would be a safe bet.

But when you purchase a Top Shot moment, you are making three bets. You are betting on Dapper Labs to create a good product. You are betting on the NBA to remain a relevant part of society. And you are betting on Lamelo Ball to be a rockstar of similar status in 5 years. 


While observing the big picture of Zed, I think one of the things that is a strong point for them is the history of horse racing. For hundreds of years, horse racing has been around. And not just that, but gambling on horse racing is popular.

Now, they just got bought… but is their game THAT good? Could someone else come in with 50 million dollars and create a better game structure? Absolutely. 

It is tough to not be a prisoner of the moment with NFTs. It is 24/7/365. We get easily excited about what companies are building and creating. But think about things in 5 years. Is this something you would be comfortable to sit on for that amount of time and know that it won’t get to zero? These are all things to consider when looking at the larger scale of NFTs.

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