August 19th's NF3 Recap: 0N1 Force, Digital Zones and More

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm (0N1Force)

Another day, another roster of NFT moments to share with the hungry aficionados of Web3.0. If you're just tuning in, ONE37p's NF3 series explores a few of the biggest moments in the world of NFTs as they unfold. We'll give you a little bit of top-line info on the projects/drops, and implore you all to research their corresponding content to learn more about anything that piques your interest.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. 0N1 Force Sells Out in Five Minutes

Building on the CryptoPunks model of NFT projects, 0N1 Force is a collection of 7,777 hand-drawn characters comprised of 100+ randomly generated features, all housed on ETH. Rather than just a collection of digital avatars, the 0N1 Force characters all live in a fleshed-out universe with a narrative surrounding the death of a beloved Emperor and more.

Down the line, we can expect merch, a metaverse and a future comic book surrounding the new IP. It's an exciting project with a lot of future plans, hence why it sold out so rapidly.

2. Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility 4-Year Anniversary

In light of projects like Curio Cards and CryptoKitties experiencing renewed interest, the revival of long-buried NFT projects dating back to 2017-2018 has been a rapidly-growing trend in NFT circles in the past few weeks.

Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility predates all of those projects, with its 4 year anniversary occurring this August 30th. The project's creator, Mitchell Chan, published a Medium post a few days ago chronicling the now-unorthodox means by which the tokens would be available to purchase: "There will be no click-to-purchase button on my website, or on OpenSea, or on any other platform. Instead, twenty collectors will scroll through the contract interaction functions on Etherscan, and walk through the mildly cumbersome, slightly janky, and sometimes nerve-wracking process of buying and wrapping these artworks."

The final twenty IKB tokens from the original project all sold over the past few days, with the project formally selling out yesterday.

3. Two 7-Figure Plus Sales: Fidenza (ArtBlocks) and Deafbeef

Yesterday, Fidenza #723 (from the beloved ArtBlocks project), sold for a massive 650 ETH. The piece's creator, Tyler Hobbs, describes the piece as "my most versatile algorithm to date. Although the program stays focused on structured curves and blocks, the varieties of scale, organization, texture, and color usage it can employ create a wide array of generative possibilities."

The piece is now one of the highest-selling pieces sitting under the ArtBlocks umbrella, and joins a small group of NFTs in general to surpass the 7 figure mark.

Generative art continues to win. Yesterday, a full set of Series 0-5 from Deafbeef's collection sold for a whopping 2,275 ETH. Go ahead and read that again. At the time of this writing, 2,275 ETH is approximately $7.2 million.

A little more info on the project from the OpenSea listing:

"Each piece is generated at the time of minting from a random hash value, influencing musical elements including tempo, timbre, pitch and time signature. Simple rules lead to surprising variation, giving each piece it's own distinctive personality, while retaining a common theme."

Even the floor for project has hit a groundbreaking 100 ETH.

Some other cool stuff:

Odell Beckham Jr. changed his PFP on Twitter to a CryptoPunk, leading many to suspect that he's potentially made a purchase from the collection.

UpOnly is also hosting a Twitch podcast with the legendary wide receiver tonight, so they may provide more info about his entry into NFTs at 8:30pm ET tonight.

Facebook has announced plans to integrate a digital wallet, called Novi, into their platforms. There isn't a ton of info floating around yet, but the announcement continues to affirm a growing regard for digital currency in the mainstream.

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