Serving Rules in Pickleball: Your How-To-Play Guide

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So, you're wondering about the serving rules in pickleball? Let's talk about it!

There is no denying that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. It is estimated that nearly nine million people are actively playing pickleball today. What makes the sport so great is its accessibility. It doesn't matter what your age, gender, or even athletic ability is in order to have fun while dinking and dunking. As the game continues to grow and more people try their hand at the sport, the rules can be a little confusing.

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There are a few professional pickleball leagues that routinely put on tournaments and big games. In leagues like Major League Pickleball, the scoring and serving rules have been altered to help make a better program for television and have tighter estimates of how long each game will take place. Here is your guide on the serving rules in pickleball as well as some pointers about scoring!

Serving Rules

Serving Sequence


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