The 14 Best Pickleball Shoes to Take to the Court

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It’s that time of the year again people! While the Major League Pickleball season is already underway, the season for many of us to get out there is about to be in full effect. As is the case with any new sports season, that means it’s time to re-up your apparel a little bit. With pickleball still being a relatively newer sport so to speak, one of the most common questions is what type of shoes you should wear to play. Our answer to that question over the past year or so has mostly been tennis shoes, as tennis is the sport most comparable to pickleball in terms of gameplay and activity. However, with pickleball becoming increasingly more popular, there are starting to be more shoes dedicated specifically to and for the sport.

We’re going to walk you through the best pickleball shoes to take to the court, but first let’s do a refresher on what pickleball is exactly for those who still may not know. 

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What is Pickleball?

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The best explainer as to what pickleball is exactly, is this introductory article that we published this past November, which details everything you need to know about the sport and its bright future. The shorter answer, however, is that pickleball is essentially a combination between tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. The sport can be played either indoors or outdoors (though outdoors seems to be the most preferred way to play so far), and involves either two or four players.

Pickleball includes hitting a perforated plastic ball back and forth over a net using two solid paddles, with the opponents continuously hitting the ball until one side commits a rule infraction. You can also learn more about pickleball and the major faces representing the league in this article here.

What to Look For in a Pickleball Shoe

While pickleball also has elements of badminton and ping-pong, from an activity/exertion standpoint, we still feel the sport is most comparable to tennis due to the running and shuffling. When it comes to picking a pickleball shoe, you’ll want to focus on sneakers that provide solid ankle support while not being too uncomfortably snug. You’ll also want a shoe with good traction that allows for the bursts of speed needed while playing.

Lastly, with pickleball being mostly outdoors, you’ll want a sneaker that has good slip-resistance for those slightly rainy/dewy days. Tennis players have been known to play in light rain conditions, so it might be safe to assume that the same will be true for pickleball players at some point.

The Best Pickleball Shoes, at a Glance

Most Technical - Wilsons Men’s Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoe

Best Design - ASICS Men’s GEL-ROCKET 10

Best All Black Shoe - Skechers Men’s Viper Court Pickleball Shoe

Best Performance Shoe - Diadora Trofeo 2 Men’s Pickleball Shoe

Best All-Around Shoe - FILA Men’s Volley Zone

Check out the full list below.

1. Wilson Men’s Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoe

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Tennis Express

Most Technical

  • Pros: Great durability and cushioned feel for comfort
  • Cons: The response time and breathability could be a bit better

Constructed with a breathable mesh, the Wilson Men’s Rush Pro Ace Pickleball Shoe balances breathability and support, along with the addition of 4D Support Chassis to enhance the overall stability of the shoe, and the incorporation of RDST + EVA construction to cushion and protect the heel making it the perfect performance shoe for pickleball players. Additional features include a Duralast outsole designed for hard court usage that provides excellent durability and traction.



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Best Design

  • Pros: Lots of color selections to choose from and highly rated
  • Cons: Limited sizing options as the shoe tends to sell out fast

The GEL-ROCKET 10 is a multi-purpose shoe that delivers an excellent range of cushioning for athletes. The 10 iteration features updates that focus on improving the shoe's stability while offering a more flexible fit, along with flexible upper construction designed to help bend more naturally and assist players in moving more freely. Additionally, there’s synthetic leather overlays that improve support in the forefoot and help athletes make confident cuts, and the application of  TRUSSTIC™ application in the midsole.


3. Skechers Relaxed Fit: Viper Court

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Best All-Black Design

  • Pros: Comfortable and Flexible
  • Cons: Shoes can be too wide for those with narrow feet

The Skechers Relaxed Fit: Viper Court promotes confident and comfortable support through its lace-up synthetic mesh upper that features removable Arch Fit insole, lightweight ULTRA FLIGHT® cushioning, and Goodyear® Performance Outsole. Four colors are available: Black/Gold, White/Black, Yellow/Navy, and White/Navy, along with multiple sizing options including half sizes.


4. Diadora Men’s Trofeo 2

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Best Performance Shoe

  • Pros: Provides tons of comfort and stability. Great ankle support
  • Cons: Can run too big or small depending on foot size

Offering comfort, stability, and energy the Diadora Men’s Trofeo 2 gives you everything needed to excel on the pickleball court from its Supreltech and Air Mesh upper that further adds to the comfort and stability of the shoe, to its Duratech 5000 outsole that offers wear-resistant rubber enhances traction and durability, and comes optimized for performance on pickleball courts. You’ll definitely be fully protected with Diadora Trofeo 2.


5. FILA Men’s Volley Zone

Volley Zone 1PM00594 422 01 c

Best All-Around Shoe

  • Pros: Boasts an iconic FILA design, offers lots of traction and cushioning
  • Cons: The shoe is FILA’s very first in terms of pickleball, meaning there could be some imperfections that the brand needs to improve upon in the future

The FILA Men’s Volley Zone is the brand’s very first pickleball shoe which is exciting in terms of what’s to come from the brand in the future. Features include: a herringbone rubber outsole for added traction and durability, TPU midfoot shank for added stability, an energized EVA midsole for extra cushioning, a removable EVA sockliner, and more. In addition to the navy blue color, there’s also an White/Navy option to choose from as well.


6. K-Swiss Court Express Pickleball

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  • Pros: Nice color and affordable pricing
  • Cons: May not be as technical as some of the other pickleball shoes on the market

The K–Swiss Court Express Pickleball Shoe is both built on the top selling Express platform and the perfect option for developing players that are also looking for added comfort and support. The Court Express shoes are also designed with a leather upper, and have a molded rubber outsole for additional protection to go along with the shoe’s textile collar lining, ortholite sock liner, and lace closure.


7. K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme

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  • Pros: Technical with a nice color
  • Cons: May have to spend a little more than with other pickleball shoes

The K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme is exactly what the name says as it targets a more competitive player who is looking for a light responsive shoe with added comfort features. These shoes also have Surge 7.0 for maximum energy return, a new Durawrap flex upper for ideal fit and protection and a Dragguard 7.0 outsole for durability.


8. FitVille Amadeus Wide Tennis and Pickleball Shoe

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  • Pros: Fits true to size and nice color options
  • Cons: On the flip side, the sizes available can be limited as the shoe sells out fast

The Fitville Amadeus Pickleball Shoe boasts a lot of features necessary for pickleball competition including: a wide toe box to accommodate wider feet, padded ankle heels and collars, a synthetic upper for maximum performance, removable PU insoles, and Ani-skid rubber outsoles for slippery weather making them well worth the investment in our opinion due to their versatility.


9. HEAD Revolt Evo 2.0 Court Shoe

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Pickleball Central
  • Pros: Multiple color options and a comfortable fit
  • Cons: Lack of space in the toe area

The HEAD Revolt Evo 2.0 is a newly improved pickleball shoe who’s biggest asset is durability. There’s four color options that you can choose from (Black, Blue, Dark Blue, and White) to go along with numerous sizing options. The pricing is pretty good (though the price does increase as the size goes up), and the shoe is built to last you for years, which is all you can ask when it comes to a performance shoe.


10. K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe

piclleball shoe10
  • Pros: Multiple color options and fits true to size
  • Cons: Could be some sizing issues around the heel area

K-Swiss also offers their Express Light Pickleball shoe which features a high density outsole that provides unsurpassed durability from heel-to-toe, an extra line of defense against excessive toe-dragging, a 180 degree thermal plastic Plantar Support Chassis that enhances midfoot stability, and uniquely constructed Ortholite foam inclusion that creates a moisture management system to help keep moisture away and prevent an unpleasant sweat smell within the shoe.


11. Tyrol Men’s Velocity Pickleball Shoe

piclleball shoe11
  • Pros: Comfortable fit
  • Cons: A little pricier than some of the other shoes

When it comes to the technical elements of a shoe, Tyrol’s Men’s Velocity Pickleball Sneaker has you more than covered as it is designed with an upper mesh that helps promote comfort and support, an EVA midsole created specifically for extended play, and a Vibram Rubber Outsole that helps you to obtain enhanced traction, stability, and durability. The shoe comes highly rated as well.


12. New Balance 806

piclleball shoe12
New Balance
  • Pros: Has all the technical elements needed for pickleball competition
  • Cons: Slightly pricier than some of the other shoes on this list

While not technically labeled as a pickleball shoe, the New Balance 806 serves the same purpose as it is a performance shoe that has been used by a lot of tennis players. Not only are there tons of sizes available, but New Balance also gives you the option to choose a narrow, standard, wide, or extra wide width, which can be helpful when it comes to getting the perfect fit and avoiding returns.


13. Wilson Rush Pro Ace New Edition

Screen Shot 2023 03 06 at 1.03.59 PM
  • Pros: Brand new, so it improves upon the imperfections of previous shoes
  • Cons: Not a ton of reviews in terms of fit and sizing, so you may have to play the guessing game

There’s a newer iteration of the Wilson Rush Pro Ace that was just recently released, and it does a good job of improving upon previous models. There’s a standard Ebony Black colorway that you could go with, or you can rock with the White Stormy Weather colorway if that is more your speed. Additionally with this new and improved shoe, Wilson also gives you a wider toe box and 2E fit to accommodate wider feet, and extra stability through its 4D Support Chassis.


14. ACACIA Unisex Pickleball Shoe

piclleball shoe13
  • Pros: Unisex, so it can be meant for both men and women
  • Cons: Not as technical as the rest of the shoes on this list

And lastly, you can always opt for the ACACIA Unisex Pickleball shoe which features vibrant colors, and the ability to try before you buy through Amazon Prime, which is always a bonus. Additional features on this shoe include: high-abrasion rounded outsoles with lower drag guards, the ability to enable quick lateral movements with the support and traction, and elevated heels to increase leverage and control.


Now these aren’t all the pickleball sneakers that are currently out on the market, but it’s a solid list to get you started (and one that we’ll be updating in the future). Make sure to keep up with us for more style content and updates.

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