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On the Court or Off, These Sneakers Fit the Bill

With some help from DSW, TikTokers are showcasing their most versatile kicks.

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Whether you're new to the game or have been a diehard player since before it was cool, when it comes to playing pickleball, you need functional, stylish kicks to wear both on and off the court. Luckily, DSW is the perfect place to shop for all your pickleball sneaker essentials, thanks to their unbeatable catalog full of versatility and amazing prices.

But with so many options to choose from, it’s even better if you can see the shoe in action and get some sartorial tips at the same time. That's where TikTok comes in.

We teamed up with DSW and four different TikTok style creators to show off their favorite sneakers, plus all the stylish ways they wear 'em—both on and off the pickleball court. Check it out.

Boston College linebacker Kam Arnold wears the grey and white adidas Run Falcon Running Shoes, as well as the black and white iteration of the adidas Fluid Flow 2.0 Running Shoes. Arnold, who plays pickleball casually when not fulfilling his linebacker duties, loves the comfort of both pairs, opting for the Run Falcons for his first match that day and the Fluid Flows for his evening court sesh.

Wisconsin Football alumni Dairyland Vintage, aka Gabe Lloyd, has built up a TikTok fan base of over 50,000 followers with his sports and vintage-thrifting videos. Showing off the New Balance Fresh Foam 680v7 while feeding his adorable furry friends, the Cobalt Blue New Balance Fresh Foam Roav for his pre-pickleball errands, and the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav in a black and blue colorway for his actual pickleball match, this on-the-go creator loves shopping New Balance sneakers at DSW for both casual and athletic use.

Dad and Boujee is on a mission to prove to his kids how pickleball is really done, choosing the Brooks Signal sneaker in black for his afternoon match versus the kiddos to let them know that he’s still “very much an athlete.” He describes the Signal as the ultimate sneaker—serving him whether he's a regular dad or Mr. Pickleball.

Fashion and lifestyle creator Lonnie Hammons shows off a pickleball edition of GRWM ("Get Ready with Me"), highlighting the black iteration of the Puma Electron 2.0 and the grey Puma Softride One 4 All. Hammons gives us an on-foot look at the sneakers paired with matching athletic wear. His take? Both shoes are perfect for lunch, holiday errands...and pickleball. 


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