This 1990s Fisheye Lens Trend Is Taking TikTok By Storm

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The level of creativity amongst TikTokers remains undefeated. TikTok's ability to also bring back elements of the past whilst making them trendy again is also something that remains undefeated while also keeping us very addicted. So what exactly is this fish-eye lens trend that has suddenly become popular on the app? We'll get into that more in just a minute, but the short answer is to think about some of the most popular hip hop and R&B music videos of the late 1990s and early the 2000s. Think Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, and Diddy. You know the videos where they were kinda all up in the camera. This trend is a fun one that really captures the essence and creativity of TikTok as a whole.

As always, we're going to give you a little bit of the history of the trend, and some of our favorite videos from creators.

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What is a Fisheye Lens?

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Well, first we have to answer the question of what a fisheye lens is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a fisheye is a wide-angle lens with a field of vision covering up to 180 degrees, with the scale being reduced towards the edges. The fisheye lens produces a strong visual distortion that is intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Sometimes fisheye lens are used to capture underwater images, and aerial shots of major cities, landmarks, and more as additional examples.

How Did This Become Popular in the 1990s?

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One word here. Hype Williams. One of the greatest music video directors of all time. Willams' music videos helped define the latter part of the 1990s and early 2000s, and it was Williams that began using the fisheye lens editing technique in his music videos. The trend that is now currently being recreated on TikTok. In fact, when you Google 1990s music videos that used the fisheye lens, Hype Williams is the first and only name to come up, because he was the one that started it. A good percentage of hip hop and R&B artists were also using Hype for their videos anyway, but any other director would have been blatantly copying Hype if they had used the fisheye for their videos, so he gets the credit for this.

What Are Some of the Videos That Used the Fisheye?

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Oh, boy. There's quite a few to choose from. Here's some of our favorites:

The HD versions of these videos are simply stunning.

Now What About the Fisheye Lens TikTok Trend?

Now, if you want to get in on this trend you are going to need to acquire some editing skills if you don't already have them. Luckily there are apps like Fisheye Lens Pro that can pretty much do the bulk of the work for you. Here are some of our favorites from TikTok creators.

Let us know if you get in on this trend. Make sure to keep up with us for more TikTok trends and content.

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