7 Products That Will Help Entrepreneurs Step Their Work Game Up

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There are a lot of unforeseen complications and roadblocks that can come with running your own business, so why not invest in products that will help your life run smoother? From reimagined office supplies to products designed for your body, here are some gadgets that will help step your work game, keep you healthy and boost productivity.

1. Charging Phone Case

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One could argue these have become commonplace in the digital age, but it’s especially a necessity for the entrepreneur on the go. Business communication is increasingly being conducted on mobile, from apps like Slack to firing off simple emails. The last thing a busy business owner wants is for their phone to die, leaving them in a work desert. Make sure you’re not without an oasis.

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2. Portable Monitor

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Entrepreneurs and freelancers are known for working at a variety of spaces: at home, coffee shops, coworking spaces or some combination of them all. Having a little extra screen space helps manage the clutter of an ever-growing to-do list, and being able to take that screen space with you means it can go from the coffee shop to the home office seamlessly.

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3. Portable Printer

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Speaking of portable, you never know when you’ll need to scan a document or print out a hard copy. You could save yourself the trouble of endless runs to an office store or back home to print by investing in a portable printer. Between this and portable monitor, you can set up shop and knock out work like a pro from virtually anywhere. Just don’t forget that Wi-Fi connection.

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4. A Smartwatch

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Part of keeping a healthy, productive mind is keeping a healthy, productive body. With a smartwatch, you can count your steps and other forms of exercise throughout your day. Some even send notifications, like suggesting to stand or providing a little encouragement. It never hurts to ensure your mind isn’t the only thing running throughout the day. Besides the fitness aspect, you can also keep track of texts and messages without having to check your phone. An added bonus.

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5. A Smart Speaker

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I can personally attest to how useful these are in the workday. You can set alarms to wake up on time or track deadlines, check the weather or ask any questions the internet can answer with just your voice. If nothing else, it can play relaxing music to help set a peaceful mood while working. (If you don’t mind that the companies behind them may be listening, that is.)

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6. A Standing Desk

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Sitting for hours on end throughout the workday isn’t great for keeping the working juices flowing. These desks have risen in popularity lately in startup spaces, and it’s easy to see why. Being able to stand for part of the day helps shake that lethargic feeling that can hit post-lunch, making sure you stay on top of your business and keep the productive energy moving.

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7. A Posture Trainer

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Similar to getting out of a chair, your posture can subconsciously make or break your breathing and, consequently, your attitude while working. This little gizmo has recently arisen as a new trend, and the reviews speak for themselves. It will send little painless buzzes throughout the day when it detects that you’re slouching, and connects to your smartphone to give feedback and data on your posture throughout the day.

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