25 Years Later 'A Bug's Life' Still Remains Without a Sequel: Here's Why Pixar Needs to Change That

It's never too late to expand a classic

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Are you ready to feel old? On this day twenty-five years ago, Pixar released the wonderful animated comedy film A Bug's Life, which captured audiences all around the world by pulling on their heartstrings with its relatable topics and lessons. Two-and-a-half decades later, the movie remains without a sequel joining a semi-long list of other Pixar classics that have been given the same treatment which includes: 2012's Brave, and 2001's Monsters, Inc (no Monsters University is not a sequel—it's a prequel). When it comes to the topic of whether or not certain one-off films need a sequel, the debate is one that often spawns two sides with one side feeling as though the singular film fine the way it is and anything more would ruin it. The other side, however, is open to a potential sequel even if, admittedly, the desire is one rooted in favoritism and perhaps nostalgia.

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If you're being objective, both sides can be understood. For example, fans of The Incredibles begged for a sequel for over a decade, only for some to be disappointed when The Incredibles 2 came out in 2018. That said, The Incredibles did end on a cliffhanger with a new potential villain presenting a threat, and the first one was so popular that it was always going to be impossible for some to be satisfied.

When it comes to a A Bug's Life, however, we're on the side of feeling the film deserves sequel, but having that opinion means you needs to present a genuine reason why, along with a potential direction that audiences might find intriguing. So here's our case:

A look back on what 'A Bugs Life' was about

How 'A Bug's Life' can be turned into a sequel

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Okay here us out—this is how Pixar can turn A Bug's Life into sequel. Remember, the film ends with the ants and Circus Bugs banding together to fight off the grasshoppers. They (the grasshoppers) scram with the exception of Hopper who continues to fight. Flik lures Hopper to a bird's nest, and Hopper taunts the bird thinking that it's another fake. It's not. The bird basically snatches hopper and feeds him to its chicks marking the end of the evil grasshopper. The movie ends with ants now being at peace. Now where does a sequel fit in?

By disrupting that peace.

A sequel could center around the grasshoppers (or somebody in the grasshopper gang) wanting revenge for the death of Hopper. Remember Hopper was basically their leader, and it's hard to believe that they would just be okay with their leader being struck down. If that's too "basic" of a plot, you could take the same concept of the ant's colony being threatened, but instead make that threat a human. Real talk, think about how many times we've accidentally stepped on ants or ruined their habitat (even with something like gardening for example). We've all encountered at least one person in our lifetime who likes to do things like that on purpose, so that could be the direction of the film—a human actively trying to destroy the lives of an ant colony. That was basically the storyline of Finding Nemo—humans ruining the marine life, and it did very well.

These are our thoughts in regards to A Bug's Life potentially sequel—maybe you dig it, maybe you don't, but we can all agree that the film is amazing, and should be rewatched in honor of its 25th anniversary.

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