‘Avengers’ Fashion: 5 Stylish Survivors and 5 Fashionable Fallen Ones

These ten heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are slaying the fashion game in and out of costume

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With Avengers: Endgame days away, the question on everyone’s mind is how will the remaining Avengers reverse the genocidal Snap that wiped out half of all life in the universe? But an equally important question to people with a keen sense of fashion is this: Who looks the best while saving the galaxy?

Here are our picks of the heroes (yes, we know they’re not all Avengers) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the most pleasing personal style, separated by those who survived The Snap and those who got dusted. And because all the Avengers look cool when they’re in their superhero uniforms, this list will take a closer look at their street clothes. And to quote Edna Mode from The Incredibles, “No capes!”

5 Stylish Survivors


black panther
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Frankly, we could populate this entire list with characters from Wakanda. 2018’s Black Panther not only injected some much-needed melanin into the MCU but also won an Oscar thanks to the stellar work of costume designer Ruth E. Carter, who used the character’s clothes to help tell the story. Case in point: Danai Gurira’s Okoye in the film’s casino scene, when she swaps her fierce Dora Milaje uniform for espionage eleganza. Our wigs were snatched long before she threw hers in her opponent’s face.

Bruce Banner

thor ragnarok
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From the blazer-and-tee combo he borrows from Stark’s castoffs in Thor: Ragnarok to the disheveled purple shirt he sports for most of The Avengers, Bruce Banner consistently gives us “tenured professor who sometimes sleeps in his office” vibes. A great outfit should look effortless, and nothing says “I don’t care about clothes” like regularly tearing them apart while hulking out. Banner’s aesthetic is super shabby chic.

Carol Danvers

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The ’90s setting and grunge soundtrack in Captain Marvel helps set it apart from the MCU’s many, many other origin stories, and it also means that Brie Larson’s Kree warrior spends the majority of the film in era-appropriate disguise. The oversized biker jacket and Nine Inch Nails T-shirt perfectly characterize Carol Danvers as someone who is too busy saving the world to worry about how she looks, but it also dovetails perfectly with the ’90s nostalgia that has been creeping back onto the rack in the past few years.


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A lot of the time when Thor isn’t wearing his Asgardian armor, he looks like a scruffy bro who would talk to you nonstop about CrossFit and pour-overs. But in one highly important scene in Age of Ultron, he attends a party with his fellow Avengers wearing an opulent maroon overcoat. He looks like an off-duty warlock, and I am here for it.


tessa thompson thor
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I know Edna Mode said no capes, but just look at this. The power this has. The impact this has. The unfiltered Asgardian glory this has. Tessa Thompson is conspicuously absent from Infinity War, leading many to believe she was killed off in its opening scene, but those “Avenge the Fallen” posters reveal she survived, and frankly I’m relieved because I need more iconic looks like this in my superhero movies.

5 Fashionable Fallen


black panther 2
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Shuri was a breath of fresh air in Black Panther, providing levity in stark contrast to her self-serious older brother T’Challa. In addition to being a genius, Shuri also mocks T’Challa’s clothing choices while wearing some pretty great outfits of her own, with looks ranging from slacker teen to warrior princess.

My personal fave? The colorful bomber Shuri sports during her visit to Oakland. We need the Avengers to undo the Snap if only so Shuri can serve more lewks while leading her own movie.

Wanda Maximoff

1captain america civil war elizabeth olsen1
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The coat. The corset. The many, many rings. Wanda is channeling a different kind of grunge to Captain Marvel, and you know what? I 100% believe that this is a teenage witch. I can see Wanda watching The Craft once, stomping into Hot Topic and thinking, This is who I am now. Such commitment to the super-Goth aesthetic should be commended.

The Vision

the vision
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Name anyone who wears men’s knitwear better than this sentient gemstone android. When he’s not busy thwarting nefarious cyborgs and falling in love with Wanda, Viz looks like he’s heading up to the Hamptons to relax with a nice bottle of Chablis.

Nick Fury

captain america the winter soldier 2014
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With the exception of prequel Captain Marvel, which reveals exactly how he came to wear that eye patch so nattily, Nick Fury has remained committed to his black trench coat aesthetic throughout his many appearances in the MCU. We stan a legend who knows what looks good on him and doesn’t feel the need to experiment.

Doctor Strange

doctor strange
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OK, that “no capes” rule was a bust. Stephen Strange’s anthropomorphic cloak is practically an Avenger in its own right at this point, and it deserves to be remembered.

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