12 Banned 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Cards You Can't Use in Tournaments

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Whether you played the video games or you bought the cards themselves, many have played the YuGiOh card game in some shape or form. However, few are aware that the game they played is different from its competitive format. Since the inception of the game, people have played YuGiOh competitively, with the first world champion (Ng Yu Leung from Hong Kong) being crowned back in 2003. Some cards were used in the television show that were great for dramatic effect but far less adequate for competitive gameplay. Fans may remember Jar of Greed and Monster Reborn, cards that almost every character in the show used, which were banned very early into competitive gameplay. Over the course of the game’s history, many cards have been banned for various reasons.

The important thing to know is that there are two different types of YuGiOh tournaments. The tournament-style is called a “Format,” and each has its own set of rules and restrictions on what cards can be used. Traditional Format represents a state of gameplay in which most banned cards are limited, meaning they can only hold one of them in any particular deck. This format is not used in official tournaments. Advanced Format is used in all official tournaments and completely bans cards that are ruled to be too powerful for one reason or another. There is also a secondary list of semi-limited cards in which 1-2 cards are allowed instead of standard 3. The official list of banned cards is updated every three months.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to focus on cards that are banned in the advanced format of the game and the reasons they are banned for:

1. Change of Heart

2. Last Turn

3. Cyber Jar

4. Snatch Steal

5. Ultimate Offering

7. Metamorphosis

8. Sixth Sense

9. Magical Scientist

10. Painful Choice

11. Dimension Fusion

12. Fiber Jar

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