'Barbie' Ending Explained: Does it Pave the Way for a Sequel?

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Let us first start off by saying that Barbie wasn’t anything like we expected it to be. If you think this is a movie about the perfect life of a doll living in a perfect world (aka a Barbie girl in a Barbie world), you’re right, but you’re also wrong. There’s twists and turns you don’t expect including Barbie and Ken squaring off against each other. If you’ve already seen the film and are wondering what the ending meant or if there was anything you missed, allow us to break it down a little more.

Warning: Spoilers are involved.

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Making Sense of the "Barbie" Ending

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The ending of Barbie isn’t too hard to understand… Barbie no longer identifies with being a “Barbie” anymore, and imagines herself back on to planet Earth so she can be a human. While at the end it initially seems like Barbie is going out for a job interview, we find out that she’s actually at… the gynecologist. Interesting development, but Barbie is still a human nonetheless.

Is There a Barbie Post Credit Scene?

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There's no post credit scene for Barbie, but the end credits are very cool as it showcases various valuable/collectors Barbie from the different decades. Something nifty to see if you are a collector (which we know quite a few of you are) or are developing an interest in collecting Barbie’s. Definitely some neat stuff if you are willing to stick around for a couple extra minutes.

Does the Ending of Barbie Set Things Up for a Sequel?

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Yes and no. We say yes and no because the way the film wraps up is good enough for it to be left as a one-off movie, but at the same time there is a small window for there to be a sequel if they ever want to open that door again down the line. We can definitely see a future film that focuses on Barbie's adventures in the "human world" and/or what the next chapter of Barbie Land is. It can go either way at this point.

You can check out Barbie officially in theater starting today.

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