The 15 Best 90s TV Shows

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So, you're wondering what the best 90s tv shows were? Let's get in to it!

They don’t always make ‘em like they used to, and in this case we are talking about TV shows. The 90s was an iconic era of television, including all sorts of genres from family sitcoms, to dramas and cartoons. These shows left viewers crying from laughter and having all the feels, tackling many relatable topics and challenges of everyday life.

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Truly some of the best shows to grace the television aired during this glorious decade. Here are the best 90s TV shows in order of when they were released:

Full House

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Married…With Children

The Wonder Years

Saved by the Bell


In Living Color

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Home Improvement


The Nanny

Boy Meets World


All That

3rd Rock From The Sun

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